Kristi Yamaguchi endorses Romney

Taking advantage of the Olympic spirit in the air, Romney has ceased upon support from several Olympic winners from the past.


Here’s the script:

Kristi Yamaguchi: As an athlete, you’re training your whole life for that one moment at the Olympics.

Narrator: But America’s Winter Olympics were mired in scandal and deficits. They turned to Mitt Romney.

Fraser Bullock: He faced a 400 million dollar budget deficit and turned that around to a hundred million dollar surplus.

Narrator: And after September 11th, Romney delivered the Olympics safe and secure.

Jimmy Shea: Mitt gets things done. He changed my life.

Kristi Yamaguchi: Mitt Romney brought a huge sense of hope.

Derek Parra: Mitt allowed athletes like myself to be able to realize our dreams.

Narrator: Restore our Future is responsible for the content of this message.

One thought on “Kristi Yamaguchi endorses Romney

  1. is this a clip of them commenting on his taking on the Olympics? or is this a new clip specifically endorsing him for President? I wouldn’t put it past him to use a clip about one thing and lie to say it was saying something else. NONE of them mention him as a presidential candidate I noticed.

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