Phelps has a GF, meanwhile Lochte is still single.



Sorry ladies, Olympic golden boy Michael Phelps is apparently a taken man. He has been dating twenty-five year old, LA-based model, Megan Rossee, since January of this year. Following Michael around on his Olympic journey has apparently put her modeling career on hold as she states:

“This summer has turned out to be very busy for me, so I am no longer accepting [modeling opportunities] unless hair/makeup or wardrobe are provided, or if the project is something my portfolio is lacking.”

She tweeted the above picture of the two just a few days ago when he celebrated his victories out on the town, accompanied by his medals– pretty baller/go Amuricah.

Meanwhile, Lochte is living up to his d-bag status, fully taking advantage of the fact that he is single this go around at the Olympics.

Paparazzi caught this photo of Lochte in a cab with some random, decent looking girls. Whatever, he deserves to live it up and get some random ass from unsuspecting British women – I GUESS (sighh/why am I not in that cab with him/lets kill those bitches.)

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