Editorial credit: Josh K. and Allison B.

The sleepy sidewalks of Shirlington swelled Saturday for Capitol City Brewing Company’s 13th Annual Mid-Atlantic Oktoberfest as revelers clamored beneath tents to swill their favorite brew.

Shirlington – not exactly known for drawing the rowdy bar-hopping crowd – became a 6-hour Mecca for beer-guzzling aficionados, several of whom were puffing stogies or showing off their German garb.

Every now and then the crowd would stop and applaud when one of those poor souls without their souvenir glasses carefully hung around their neck let it crash to the ground.

Our first thought? This Arlington spot needs more events like this!

$25 bucks got you in; at 4 ounces a sample, you could end the afternoon good and buzzed. Cheaper than going out to a bar! If you found that 10 mini-drinks wasn’t quite enough, you could then buy more beer tickets at $1 each …we’re not admitting to anything.

Fifty breweries, many from the East Coast, set up booths, and most had two or three beers on tap to try. The clear favorite for these beer enthusiasts was the Pumpkinator from Mad Fox Brewing Co. in Falls Church– we liked it so much that we sampled it three times. The pumpkin flavoring was sweet and delicious, yet not overpowering. Curious to try it yourself? Capital City Brewing Co. has it on tap right now at their Shirlington location.

Crazy Jackass Ale, from Virginia-based Sweetwater Tavern and Brewery, was also a hit with us, as much for the goofy name as the taste.

The festival even had something for our canine friends. Dogma Bakery and Boutique from Arlington had a stand offering free samples of doggie cookies and biscuits. Quite frankly, after a few drinks, they totally looked appetizing enough for humans to eat.

Fortunately, we asked first if they were really meant for dogs — and were assured we weren’t the first imbibers to almost make that mistake.

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