Butterfly Bash with Fair Chance

Join us at the 2012 Butterfly Bash, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fair Chance’s (fairchancedc.org) service to the DC community. Since 2002, Fair Chance has helped build-up and expand 65 organizations who have served 60,000 DC children and youth.


Tickets: http://bit.ly/VDjnM5


Each year, The Butterfly Bash raises money so that Fair Chance can help ten new up and coming nonprofits. Your ticket price will be felt across the city helping organizations with youth development, literacy, mentoring, college access, arts, and health-related programs open their doors wider to welcome more of our community’s children.


Join us for the Bash and help give every child a Fair Chance to succeed!


Honorary Chairs Raul and Jean-Marie Fernandez

Co-Chairs: Anne-Marie Finnell, Lucy McBride, and Missy Walker


Check us out! (w) Fairchancedc.org; (F) Facebook.com/FairChanceDC; (T) @FairChanceDC

For information contact Brett Norton at bnorton@fairchancedc.org.

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