A Little Night Music with National Italian American Foundation

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Kicking off a weekend in Washington was National Italian American Foundation’s (NIAF) A Little Night Music gala at the Washington Hilton last week. The evening featured delicious Italian fare paired with wines of the region, and served as a kick-off to the organization’s weekend-long conference. A black-tie formal ball followed the next evening, marking another successful year of the annual tradition.

Adding to the elegance of the night was live music sung by Steve Tyrell. A Grammy Award-winning vocalist, Tyrell has achieved great success as artist, producer, songwriter, music supervisor and performer.  Tyrell reinvented popular classics for a modern-day audience. He has sold hundreds of thousands of albums and has gained a following all over the world.  Let’s not forget his breakthrough performances in “Father of the Bride,” and “Father of the Bride II.”

Guests danced the night away while enjoying Sinatra-style music, swilling cocktails, and enjoying the enormity of the Washington Hilton’s ballroom, before heading to bed to enjoy the rest of the weekend’s culturally enlightening conference.

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the heritage and culture of Americans of Italian descent. www.niaf.org

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