Sahasra Deepika Foundation Gala


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We headed to the swanky Mayflower Hotel last weekend to join Sahasra Deepika Foundation for its annual gala.

Sahasra Deepika, which means a thousand lights, is a non-profit foundation that houses and educates underprivileged children in Bangalore, India. Students are encouraged to develop their intellectual, social, and academic potential so that they can feel self-empowered and contribute to the community at large.

The reception featured opulent Indian culture accents, along with live Indian musical performances. A unique wish tree stood in the center of the room, where guests could sign paper ornaments with well wishes to young students and hang them on the tree. Passed hors d’oeuvres and a flowing open bar got attendees in the spirit as they prepared for seated dinner.

Sahasra Deepika is the vision of T.V. and Vijaya Ramakrishna. Dr. Ramakrishna came from a poor rural background in India and lost both his parents at an early age.  Through sheer tenacity and encouragement from his teachers, he was able to go to college, and complete his higher education in India and the U.S.  The Ramakrishnas never forgot how this support and education impacted their lives, and upon retirement, created Sahasra Deepika in order to pay this good fortune forward.

The dream of Sahasra Deepika is that the lives of hundreds of children across India will be enlightened through education. You could be one of a thousand lights of hope, joining hands to help achieve that dream.

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