Ambassadors Inaugural Ball

Photo credit: Mandy Holcomb.

It was the start of a whirlwind evening as we headed to Carnegie Library, directly across the street from the Convention Center where the President was celebrating, for the Ambassadors Inaugural Ball. As expected, security was crazy and credentials were hard to come by, but we were fortunate enough to scoop up all-access passes and our mini-sized clutches didn’t have too much trouble breezing through the metal detectors.

VIPs included nine time South African Award Winner [SAMA] and BET International nominee Lira, Johannesburg-based house band, 2012 SAMA “Record of the Year” winner Mi Casa and celebrated West African Cape Verdean DJ Anané Vega, Congressan John Conyers, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Elise Neal, GrupoMex, Robert Shumake, Ambassador Neil Parsan of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and Ambassador Tebelelo Seretse of the Republic of Botswana.

The Ambassadors Inaugural Ball featured several sponsors supporting a variety of causes. These included Ms. USA Nana Meriwether’s The Meriwether Foundation, which focuses on stabilizing the health & economics of lives in South Africa; the Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunities (KENO) Foundation, an organization that trains, grows and nurtures businesses formed by young entrepreneurs; and AthleTECH, a Microsoft supported program, under the direction of Anthony Egbuniwe, a Microsoft executive.

An open bar of premium libations and tasting stations greeted VIPs, who gathered in a swanky velvet roped area in a corner annex of the storied space. Guests invited by the host committee were described as “members of the Diplomatic Corps, United States Congress, appointees and other luminaries of politics and business.” With the impressive attendee list punctuated with ambassadors, congressmen, decorated Armed Forces personnel, and philanthropic pageant queens, the Ambassadors Inaugural Ball proved to be a festive celebration attracting both Washington’s glitterati  and intellectuals alike.

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