Fabbioli Cellars Wine Tasting at Vida Fitness

You wouldn’t usually go to your gym for a wine tasting with gourmet food pairing, but Vida isn’t exactly your average gym. I joined other freezing cold Washingtonians last Friday at the U Street location of Vida, a Beltway fitness destination known for its raging summertime rooftop pool parties and outside-the-box social activities, to warm up with some local Virginia wine.

We tasted all of Fabbioli Cellars’ wines in a group setting. LBB columnist Just Jen loved the Una Pera, which retails at $16, and is described by the vineyard: “To produce this wine, we crush Asian pears with an apple crusher before pressing them with our wine press. We then ferment the pear juice cold in stainless steel tanks. This all pear wine shows well soon after bottling and continues to develop as it ages in the bottle. It has medium + intense flavors of Asian pears, golden delicious apples, golden raisins, and brown sugar.”

Meanwhile I loved Tannat, a rich, bold red that you could almost chew ($45). Fabbioli adds: “Pairs excellently with rarer and gamier meats (think venison, bison, or pheasant) as well as the softer and more aromatic cheeses.” After trying several of the wines paired with amuse bouches like honey on a cinnamon cracker, winter sausage, aged cheese, and a luscious dark chocolate, we headed home after a long week with a nice toasty wine buzz. Definitely the best Friday night gym trip I’ve made in awhile!

For more information, see VidaFitness.com.


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