Logan Hardware’s 10 Year Anniversary Party


Ten years!? It is hard to believe that what started as a crazy idea to put a hardware store in Logan Circle eleven years ago is now a ten year old business.  Do you even remember what our block of 14th Street looked like ten years ago? I do, and it wasn’t very pretty.

Marc, our wonderful team, and I would like to invite all of our loyal customers and fans to come celebrate ten years of hardware success on Saturday March 2nd.  We will be celebrating all day with raffle items, 20% off everything in the store, and a VIP reception from 6pm to 8pm which will include food, beverages, cake, and a toast to our guests.  Please stop by so that we can express our gratitude for all that you have done for us over the past decade!  If you have any questions about the day, feel free to email us atparty@acehardwareDC.com

As we started planning this event, we reflected on some of the statistics we have created over the years so I thought that I would share a few with you:

We have employed more than 300 people
Made 300,684 house keys
Mixed  over 42,000 gallons and quarts of paint
Sold 10,658 Par 20 Halogen Flood bulbs
Given away more than 50,000 cloth shopping bags
Donated more than $50,000 in goods and services to our locl favorite charities
Served over 1 MILLION customers!

Whew!  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you! And please join us in a toast on March 2nd.

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