Are you wondering what happened with the Craigslist wedding daters? So are we.

Pu-[Anonymous] Industries: Adventurous? Yes! Desperate? NO.

Remember these CL dudes that wrote a charming, though confusingly self-involved ad looking for “activity partners”? Which then went viral, eventually earning their inbox at least 2200 email responses, after appearances on national television and morning shows? Obviously my Vandy BFF and I had to throw our hat in the ring, what with my profession as a writer and her profession as a Photoshopping maven.

And so we embarked on that journey. We didn’t hear a thing back until early last week, when Dave and Mike requested our presence to meet over drinks to ensure “we don’t want to kill each other.” Seemed innocent enough, and though I am a Washingtonian, a trip to NYC was already in the works for the weekend as Little Black Blog covered the GLAAD Awards, and my friend is, of course, a Manhattaner. It seemed like the perfect coincidence, an undeniable sign from the universe.

But then they started morphing into prima donnas. First, we were to meet them for drinks. Then that turned into a “party,” meaning we’d be herded like cattle amongst throngs of women that may actually have been looking for real love out of this shenanigan.

It is a bad thing if either entity of Pu-[Anonymous] Industries finds you to be high maintenance.

We showed up to the location they listed–only to find that restaurant was closed. This was only after being told to “dress to impress” and be “camera-ready”–from two men who solicited dates on CL after posting shirtless pics of themselves (talking to two women whose electricity bills are no less than 80% funded by curling iron usage).

Never ones to be let down by people lacking a scintilla of propriety, my friend and I spent the day gallivanting around town without so much as a second thought about the Craigslist date that wasn’t. The bar that was supposed to be the site of our original meet-cute opened a few hours later. The bartender reported to us a very vague story about how NBC had shut down the operation. Fishy.

Another email showed up around 11 PM last night from the CL daters, this time requesting we show up today (Monday) evening at another bar. ABC has apparently rented out the place to film a bunch of hormonal, Bachelor-style women hoping for a rose. In pairs. How charming.

I weighed this for about three seconds–I do have a book to promote coming out in May, not to mention another one published in 2011 I can always pimp, and my friend is a natural on camera.

But we ultimately ruled out the appearance. After all, what started as two adorably nerdy men writing a pretty hilarious, brutally honest ad looking for something different had quickly devolved into self-aggrandizing borderline incestuous brothers given undeserved fame to have carte blanche from some of the most qualified women on the East Coast.

No, thank you.

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