Greg’s List DC and What Do I Wear Present: The Great Gatsby Movie Party

IMG_0920The Twenties roared into Sun Trust’s downtown penthouse Friday night for a fabulous Great Gatsby—themed party hosted by Greg’s List DC and What Do I Wear.

The event was one of the best people-watching parties we’ve been to in a while. Guests went all out with their costumes—there were drop-waists, feather boas and boat hats galore. The classy setting complemented the outfits as well, with a view of the U.S. Treasury, the Lincoln Memorial and other iconic Washington buildings. Guests took in the sights while sipping mint juleps and Manhattans or sampling hors d’oeuvres.

The dance floor got crowded as the evening progressed, with people trying their best to do The Charleston. In fact, the only time the music stopped was during the movie tickets giveaway, when some lucky attendees won passes to an advanced screening of “The Great Gatsby.”

Our photos don’t do the clothes justice, but we did capture some good moments:





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