Hinge May Mixer


Join Hinge for their inaugural Monthly Mixer on the roof deck at H Street Country Club.

Exclusive Hinge specials going all night, including $3 Miller Lites and Dos Equis, $5 margs, $2 tacos and $2 mini golf. And the Hinge photobooth, powered by SnapDash!

The mixer will also be featured in their app beforehand, so you’ll be able to see which of your potentials have RSVP’d. If you end up matching with another guest, why not plan to meet up there? And feel free to invite any of your friends, just make sure they RSVP to the event on Facebook, and have Hinge downloaded on their phones before they arrive.

One thing to note– H Street Country Club is not a real country club…it’s just a sweet bar and restaurant with mini golf. So, don’t feel pressured to show up in croakies and a popped collar. Alternatively, you certainly may if you feel inclined, but all fashion decisions are toootally up to you.

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