Kim K- you might need to start wearing flats.





We already know that you’re not into maternity clothes. But looking at these totally swollen 7-month pregnant feet is rather painful to see. It might be time to wear some shoes that don’t cut off all circulation in your feet. Just sayin’.



2 thoughts on “Kim K- you might need to start wearing flats.

  1. ohhhhhhhhh damnnnnnnnnnnn looks like a fat old lady. wow! never knew pregnancy makes you look like that. I have 6 kids. never have I had edema or whatever it is she has. wow…she’s walking looking mad like she’s just blaming on ugly ass kanye west. no hun…knowing what kind of person you are. like those women who think their all of a sudden a goddess when she becomes pregnant and start thinking “Ohhh…im suppose to eat anything I want like icecream and pickles and peanut butter and pickles…oh im pregnant i can eat anything i want.” have fun fat ass. looks just like an animal…because you choose to eat like an animal thinking your special because you happened to get pregnant…you know rats and roaches and cate[pillars and all types of shit gets pregnant too…you dont see them thinking their Goddesses because they shited a baby out the pussy.

  2. looks like only she’s 7 or 8 months at the most especially if she’s carrying a boy and that sickly and water weight. weird. probably has gastestional or whatever they call it diabetes too

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