Debate: Should Conservatives Accept a Carbon Tax?


The R Street Institute and the Heartland Institute cordially invite you to a debate among friends on the question: Are there any circumstances under which conservatives should support a tax on carbon emissions?

Though the participants all share a broad vision of smaller and less expansive government, they have widely divergent views on the advisability of a carbon tax. Arguing against adopting a carbon tax will be James Taylor, senior fellow at the Heartland Institute, and David Kreutzer, research fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Opposite them will be Andrew Moylan, senior fellow at the R Street Institute, and Bob Inglis, executive director at the Energy and Enterprise Initiative. Moderating will be Ronald Bailey, science correspondent for Reason magazine, who has written extensively about these complicated issues.

This is not a debate about climate science or man’s role in changing weather patterns. It is a debate about the structure of tax policy and whether a carbon tax lies inside or outside the bounds of the debaters’ shared conservative principles.

Open bar and light hors d’oeuvres will be provided.


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