Tampon earrings are the pinnacle of MSNBC’s commitment to journalism



Extremely empowered Harris Perry of MSNBC wore her finest feminine products on air, proudly proclaiming:

“My producer Lorena made for me last week some tampon earrings because of course you’re remember that the Texas state legislature said that you couldn’t bring tampons in when they were going these women to in fact stand up for their own reproductive rights. You weren’t allowed initially to bring tampons. So, just in case that ever happens again ladies, you can just bring them on your earrings.”

Incidentally what Perry forgot to mention was that while some tampons were indeed confiscated from “peaceful demonstrators,” that was only after jars of urine, paint, and oh yeah, FECES were found in the bags of these “peaceful demonstrators.” Nothing to see here, obviously there was no plan to deploy these specialty items anywhere.

So yes, Harris, these look AWESOME on you. I hate to be the one to tell you, this, however, but they’d totally look better on Chris Matthews.



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