I’m 26. What’s a filter?

There are very few times I use this blog as a personal sounding board. It’s now my 26th birthday, and despite my general distaste for “today I went to Whole Foods and then made a protein-packed paleo Pinterest-procured pizza” writer-driven life posts, this is just something I had to share, if only for other comfortably single women in their 20s.

It all started two weeks ago, when I met some rando at a bar. He was friendly enough, but annoyingly and sloppily drunk, which is why I offered my email address when he asked for my number. We emailed later that weekend, and I met up for a few drinks, which eventually turned to dinner, and then champagne. We had relatively good chemistry, but then, I kinda have chemistry with pretty much everyone, because I really like talking to people and winning over complete strangers.

We had dinner the following weekend (as in, two days ago), and it was equally  fun. I invited him to my birthday party, which I’m holding this weekend for my closest 125 friends. He wouldn’t be in town, so he scheduled a weekend in Virginia wine country the following weekend. It seemed a bit much, but I agreed to a singular day trip. When we parted that day, I didn’t think much of anything. In fact, I actually headed out to a bar to meet up with a former lover from 2012, with whom I may or may not entertain a few exchanges here and there. #timesbeing.

So imagine my surprise–which quickly turned to fury–when I received the following text out of the blue yesterday. FYI I have done absolutely no editing on this conversation; the previous dialogue is from Saturday night when he told me not to dress up (I haven’t dressed down since 2k5), and I jokingly asked if I shouldn’t wear my ball gown.


I was stunned into paralysis. I had no words–this never happens–and I just felt short of breath. There were many things that pissed me off, but I was so flustered I couldn’t even articulate them. Again, this is a serious problem for a writer and effusive communicator.

I was still so agitated 10 hours later that I had to leave opera rehearsal early. This is a serious no-no, given that opening night is Saturday at the Organization of American States.

Then I realized: I am on the eve of my 26th birthday. Why am I stewing instead of just expressing what I really feel? There is practically nothing to lose from just telling the truth.

So then it came. “And it came. And it came.” –(illicit tax-payer funded sext. Don’t worry, these have since been screenshotted to his superiors).

image image-1

Cheers to 26! And may I (and you, and your girlfriends, moms, grandmothers, daughters, etc.) never remain silent in the bombastic, outrageously chauvinistic face of an insecure man. After all, only two months ago did a writer describe me as such when asked about my relationship status: “she blushes, giggling a bit. Translation: Ms. Woodward Pu is quite happy being single.”

Damn straight.


1,315 thoughts on “I’m 26. What’s a filter?

    1. When Quin Woodward Pu—an overweight, insecure barfly from Georgia with a penchant for Twinkies, daytime TV and visually challenged and desperate men—receives her acceptance to Weightwatchers Institute, she is forced to make a decision between giving up her 8-designer-cupcake-a-day, sloth-like ways and pursuing a more sanctimonious and less caloric intensive path. Type A Diabetes is the memoir of her transition from feeling-eater to outspoken advocate of puerile, self-obsessed blogging. Like many Asian-Americans, she butts heads with her first-generation Chinese father when she strays from his life plan for her to be a subservient, quiet and productive member of society. She is encouraged by her equally clueless friends—from a nearly aborted housewife, to a behemoth BFFL, to a middle-aged psychiatric patient boyfriend—to follow her chocolate-coated dreams of becoming a victim of a drug band message board.

            1. She did some woefully disgusting things. She deserves to be shamed for it. You should be ashamed to be defending someone for this disgusting actions.

                    1. Well then surely this man here should not have received such retaliation from her. All he did after all was try to break off their relationship, in a rather polite manner too, and she put his job and reputation on the line for personal gain. Should she not feel ashamed?

                    2. You’re fucking retarded. The guy tried to respond in a way to show that he wasn’t interested in seeing her and she’s fucking insane and responded in an offensive way. You’re fucking delusional and people are giving their lives to keep you and everyone else alive and safe. It’s a damn shame that people are giving their lives for people like you. You are nothing, you are fucking delusional, nobody fucking cares about you.

                    3. how is that even shamefull. this hurt lady miss pu. sent text messages to his work place enviroment. and you sit there and defend her. ding ding ding someones a feminist.

                  1. Rite is a form of ceremony ie Read him his rites, and The rites of baptism. It’s usually spoken word. You wanted the word Right ie Privilege, the right to a fair trial.

                    1. Boy your an idiot. You can’t come up with a real argument so you attack the poster’s English.

                      A rite is a ceremony, but reading someone his or her rights is not ceremonial. When they arrest you, those are your actual rights under the law that they are informing you of.

                      Also, a “right” is NOT a privilege. We are not “privileged” with fair trials or free speech in America, those are inalienable rights that are afforded us by the constitution. Not that SJWs would shy away from trying to deny others these rights, or in this case attacking someones livelihood and reputation for excising these rights.

                1. If you read her post, she was obviously jealous of his ability to use the tiny buttons on his blackberry because her fingers are fat. Don’t sugarcoat the weight issue cause she’ll eat that too.

                  1. “Don’t sugarcoat the weight issue cause she’ll eat that too.”

                    Thank you so much for this. I haven’t had a good hearty guffaw in too long.

                2. In all fairness, weight should not be brought into it at all. It should make absolutely no difference. What IS problematic is this woman thinks it is acceptable to endanger someoneès livelihood because they did not want to go out with them anymore, and expressed as much in a rather friendly manner. Weight isnt the issue here, her possible sanity might be though. If she was ok with being single, why turn around to this guy who has let her down in a MUCH more polite manner than most men are inclined to nowadays, and personally attack him? She acted like a petulant child, then was praised for it. THAT is what has men angry

              1. No. That actually isn’t a defense for what you just did.
                If you disagree with someone, it doesn’t actually mean you can treat them in a disrespectful way and get away with it. You shaming someone for their weight and using someone else’s photo as an insult, without permission, because you don’t like her body type means you did something “woefully disgusting”. It also has literally nothing to do with the argument you disagreed with. You didn’t like how she broke up with someone who she was dating. So what you should have done is been a grown up and talked about that. Instead you dragged in an obsolete detail about her weight because you felt that it would cause pain.
                You literally did that just to hurt someone.
                You may disagree with her on how she dealt with her breakup- but that doesn’t mean you get a pass to act like a jackass. Sorry that’s not actually how arguments work. So feel glad that you lowered yourself to hurting other people because you disagreed with how she dealt with someone else.

                1. She didn’t break up with him, he broke up with her. You’re delusional anyone can say whatever they like, if it hurts your feeling that’s because you let it. These are words, they are just as irrelevant as they are subjective. How about you and others stop letting what someone says hurt your feeling, if you don’t like what they say about this cunt then go ahead and express that, but to say they can’t say what they want is literally stupid and authoritarian.

                2. Um, when some stupid bitch attempts to ruin your life because you dumped her, she deserves every little bit. And if you have a problem with people using this other woman’s picture, go ahead and tell her, and she can file a complaint.

              1. I have looked at many of the pictures on her Facebook page and she is FAR from fat. And even if she WAS fat that has nothing to do with anything. Insulting someone’s weight based on their personality is a false correlation.

            2. I agree. Just because this chick is a psycho lunatic doesn’t mean we have to start body shaming her or anyone else who isn’t even affiliated with her, for that matter. The fuck is wrong with you people?

              1. Maybe we find her larger than normal body unattractive and would like to express that in the same manner that we like to express our appreciation for the beauty in more attractive women. And believe, by most people’s standards she is not attractive. After all, it wouldn’t be a fetish if it were the norm now would it?

            3. Exactly right. They are just bullying a bully.
              Quin was vicious to forward the texts to the man’s employer, and its equally vicious to make fun of Quin’s weight, not to mention picking on a 3rd party (who has nothing to do with any of this).
              Imagine if someone did that to your photo, its very cruel.

              1. How is it equally as wrong? Calling someone fat? Sure that’s bullying. GOING AFTER SOMEONE’S JOB BECAUSE THEY AREN’T INTERESTED IS 25112651612x WORSE THAN CALLING SOMEONE FAT.

                Are you retarded, Joe?

                1. Just because you disagree with someone, or you feel someone else did something hurtful, doesn’t mean you actually get the right to insult them. If you actually were trying to do something useful you would say why you disagree with what she did. Not call her fat, or whatever obsolete insult you feel fits because you want to treat her disrespectfully. That is actually still bullying. It’s still a jackass thing to do.

                  1. Well yeah, disagreeing didn’t give him that right, he had it from the get-go. An insult is not a crime. It does not violate any law, and I don’t even think it violates the rules on this site. You also ignore what he is saying, that is, if mocking her weight is wrong, how is putting someone’s job in jeopardy not? Also, while fat may be a derogatory term, if she is overweight she is overweight, no amount of skirting that issue will change it.

            4. How did he shame either of them? He’s just saying both women are fat cows. No you’re right, the woman in the photo is so healthy, so beautiful, going to live so long in such good health, eats so well.

              If there was a dick between that girls legs, that guy would be just as morbidly obese and in need of a serious life change as the woman pictured, and this psychotic bitch who went 0-100 in an instant.

          1. Lovely fat shaming right there. You should be ashamed of yourself. Especially coming from someone who is so incredibly mousy and unnattractive in their profile pic.

            1. ‘You should be ashamed of yourself’ for insulting someone’s appearance… Goes on to call someone ‘incredibly mousy and unattractive’. That hypocrisy though.

          2. hey screw you. i know you were trying to make a joke, but you made it with a photo of one of my friends- completely innocent and unrelated to this self obsessed blogger.

            fat shaming is ridiculous. you really ought to be ashamed of yourself.

            1. No, it really isn’t. Being fat is just about the most anti-social behavior you can engage in which is still legal. Being fat is simply stating “I think I am more important than everyone else on earth who’s health costs I’m raising, who’s transportation costs I’m raising, who’s food I am making more expensive and who’s planet I am making hotter through my gluttonous/lazy lifestyle.

        1. Ugh, I agree. This woman is SHAMEFUL! The irony is this blog post was suppose to make her look like some kind of “hero” when really it makes her the villain in this situation. She needs to grow up. She should be thankful that this man was honest with her, and tried to move on in an adult manner. I don’t know why she’s even dating, as she’s clearly not mature enough to be in a relationship. This woman makes us all look bad. Truly shameful. Maybe put your nothing blog on hold and focus on working on yourself. You clearly need a lot of work lady. So glad this story went viral with her picture so everyone knows to stay away from this toxic woman. She really needs to learn a lesson that someone treating you bad does not entitle you to be an asshole!

          1. Honestly can’t agree with you enough, seen this posted from Sick Chirpse and was cringing through reading this. Honestly don’t know what the guy done wrong, he was honest, genuine and not a douche bag. This vile woman then proceeds to humiliate and insult the poor guy? Seriously, this woman has issues.

            If you read this Quinn, think about getting professional help. Maybe your 125 friends or selling one of your various houses can help you pay for it! Oh! Or maybe even some royalties from your – no doubt – egotistical and self righteous books!

            You deserve everything you get and every bad thing that happens to you, you horrible horrible person.

            Luke 6:31 – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

          2. “She should be thankful that this man was honest with her, and tried to move on in an adult manner. ”

            are you fucking kidding me, he ended things with her through a TEXT MESSAGE, please explain to me what is adult about that?

            1. Who the fuck DOESN’T end things through phone or text? Do you honestly think people schedule dates to go break the bad news to people in person so they can watch them freak out in front of them? What’s the difference HOW you break the news to someone? Get a grip.

              1. I’m not saying people don’t do it, but I still don’t believe it’s an “adult manner”
                I am also not saying that what she did is right, does it make for good blog material, I suppose, would I hope majority of people would not react that way, absolutely.

                1. If you’ve only gone out once, and the majority of your relationship has been over text message, I argue that it is in no way immature to “break up” over text. I put “break up” here in quotes, because in my opinion, he wasn’t even breaking up with her so much as cancelling their weekend plans. He didn’t say “I don’t want to continue a relationship with you”, he said “I don’t want to START a relationship with you.
                  So while I’d agree that it is NOT appropriate or adult to break up over text if you’re in a 2 year (or even 2 month) relationship, it is not at all inappropriate to prevent a 2 day relationship from forming over text.

            2. As she said herself. They had spent a collective 20 hours together. That does not constitute being in a relationship. So really he didnt “Break up” with her. he was honest about not wanting to get into a relationshup let her know where she stood. How isnt it ok to do that by text ? We are only getting her side. Maybe he had already worked out she was a vindictive psycho and that this was the safest way for him to end it without suffering some form of bodily harm.

              Fer her to go to the lengths she did and the vile text and actions she claims she did (sending screenshots to his boss) … after a collective 20 hours !! … can you imagine breaking up with her after a month / year / 2 years together. There are probably bodies in her backyard for heaven sake !

            3. They’ve only met in person TWICE.
              A text is perfectly appropriate.
              You clearly have dependency issues; I feel very sorry for your friend and family to have to put up with someone so needy like you.

            4. He could of had things to do. Or maybe the date wasn’t so good. Plus, traveling to her place just to dump her would probably turn into some argument that would be hard to avoid. It was her bday, traveling to her place just to put her down would even be worse for her tbh.

      1. “I am so mature, well-adjusted and above this kind of childish behavior.”

        *Proceeds to be the EXACT opposite of everything she says she is*

        *…blogs about it*

        …you pretty much deserve to be unhappy. Because you are a terrible fucking person.


          She’s a fat, ugly, disgusting piece of shiiit and it’s luck this guy dumped this slab of bacon. Imagine if he actually ended up with this disgusting ugly hog lol!

          1. Literally all of this is just you being a really disrespectful and cruel person. You aren’t trying to actually help the situation or inform the discussion, you are just aiming to hurt someone and egg others on to do it. I have noticed you have posted at least twice now, with things like this. I don’t see how you can call someone “a fat, ugly, disgusting piece of shiiit” or a ” slab of bacon” and consider yourself to be in the right. You are being a bully. And once again you are using her weight completely out of context. How do you think you can ever better a situation by acting like this?

            1. Oh my god this person is either some beta or a feminist. People are disrespectful because she tried ending this guys career. SHE was the bully, idiot. There’s zero ways to make this situation better, get some common sense. Insulting doesn’t equal bullying, idiot should’ve learned that in 1st grade.

        2. Agreed. I have to say, airing a grievance with a dude who was basically attempting to be polite (based upon the displayed text messages in the blog alone) detracts from any credibility she may have had. Bitch. And yes, I’m throwing that word around, but in this case, she really deserves it.

          Despite her claim to feminist righteousness, I think she’s undermining the very cause she purports to support by confusing public vs private issues and using a movement to justify her poorly-formed emotional-coping skills.

            1. And she says ‘two published books’ like it’s some kind of mega achievement when the reality is, lots of people publish books these days. Doesn’t mean they’re any good, and doesn’t mean people read them, LOL… How fucking narcissistic is this woman? Jesus.

              1. Her books are SELF-PUBLISHED, so I’m not sure why she keeps bragging about her “published books” at all. It’s not like a legitimate publisher actually liked her work and wanted to distribute it. She had to go to a vanity press and give them money to print her writing. Absolutely anyone can write anything and then pay to have it “published” in that sense.

                1. You actually have no idea if publishers liked her books or not, and you haven’t actually read them. Or I have a feeling you would have a more informed comment about them. So why would you use this to talk about how disagree with how she broke up with someone? You are going off topic and insulting something that you have limited knowledge on instead of actually talking about the thing you actually disagree with. You are also disregarding the amount of success self-published authors have had in the past. Eragon was self-published, and so was fifty shades. They may not be your cup of tea but disregarding the work that goes into that process seems silly to me.

                  1. There’s no reason to defend this piece of human waste. It conceivably accomplishes one of two things: makes you look like a piece of human waste who agrees with what this sub-human spouts, makes you seem like you are in fact this sub-human trying to defend herself anonymously to make it appear someone out there is on her side, or both.

      2. This girl is obviously a needy, easily-attached, control freak looking to latch on to any guy who will pay her any attention. If you’ve only known someone for two weeks you don’t know each other well enough to be “boyfriend and girlfriend” unless you’re desperate, which means this guy didn’t break up with her. He just realized how much of a mental case she was and decided to break it off before she either claws in any deeper. And judging by this girl’s vindictive bitchy attitude it was probably best to do it over text message, because she seems like the type to flip out and cause a scene, key your car, start acting like a man and take some swings at you, throw her shoes at you, take your pick.

        Her looks and her race have nothing to do with this, that’s stupid. But any man who comes into contact with this girl should turn around and RUN. If you mistakenly let her get her reptilian claws into you, do like James Franco and saw your arm off with a tiny Swiss Army knife saw. You’re better off with one arm than with two arms plus the weight of this human leach breathing down your neck.

        Quin Woodward Pu, go stick your face in a dirty toilet and bob for some integrity.

            1. Gee I wonder if the comments like this aren’t false flags, so the author can claim “I was oppressed with hate and misogyny when I shared my brave story!”

      3. I just google-piced the chick. Fucking impressive. Considering that the dude was loaded the first time he met her, it is little wonder that he flew the coop after seeing her again sober, even if it apparently took him two dates to regain his visual senses.

        1. That was really rude and has literally nothing to do with the thing you disliked about her. Which was how she handled this situation. Why would you judge her actions by how you gauge her appearance? You are using obsolete insults in place of actually talking about the thing that pissed you off to begin with. Which will never help any situation. It will only escalate it and lead to both sides shutting down and walking away without listening to the other side.

      4. He realized she was a self absorbed annoying human and did not want to see her again. She knows it is true and reacted according to her own insecurities. Looooosssssser

      5. the thing who wrote this is disgusting.

        yes, i am calling her a thing, because she has no right to be called a woman. she is a disgusting thing and i hope she fucking dies.

      6. Best description of that fat fuck’s life if I’ve ever read one. lol and i’ve read A LOT. Burn in hell piece of sub-human shit

        – Adelaide 🙂

              1. No, your comment is wrong. That’s actually just being a bully and treating people disrespectfully. Just because you disagree or dislike someone doesn’t give you the right to treat them the way you just did. If you actually wanted to help the situation you would have tried to actually argue what upset you to begin with rather then devolve to language that will never advance the conversation.

            1. I don’t see why you focused on her weight instead of the thing that you actually disliked, which was the way she handled this situation. You aren’t doing anything but bullying someone for their weight, which is not even on topic. No matter how much you dislike how she does something, it doesn’t justify treating her cruelly or as less of a person. Everyone deserves respect.

              1. winter would you shut the fuck up? seriously i’ve seen like 10 posts of you saying “no youre disgusting, stop bullying someone for their weight, focus on what she actually did” SHUT THE FUCK UP!! you are either a fat person, quin woodward poo herself, or one of her friends. seriously we get it, its bullying. now shut the fuck up you fat fuck

          1. What universe are you living in? When will people see that being overweight is simply not healthy in any way no matter how much fat acceptance and/or feminist shaming are used to rationalize what really amounts to poor personal dietary choices in almost all cases … how about this thing called SELF-RESPECT.

        1. There are so many other worse things wrong with this woman, what she looks like is the least of her worries. Fat shaming just allows her to disregard all the valid points about what a terrible person she is.

    2. Who wants some ping pong fish head Asian noodle face with a slangy eyed snatch anyway? She should be doing two dolla sucky sucky bang bang in a dark alley in Chinatown, not butt raping stand up dudes on the Internet. Honestly, you need to take your fat pan head self over to the east river and jump in.

      1. hahahah whoops looks like someone likes waving his tiny fists in the air to make up for his lack of a sex life. sumday some1 will LuV u!

    3. I’m not sayin this is what happened here. BUT, sometimes I have plans to meet one of those light footed Asian bitches in wine country. Then I take her out a few days before to see what’s up. Problem is, every now and then I get her naked and I realize the tits are too far apart and point oddly to the sides and five fingers go in like a greasy slip and slide. At that point I start searching for the ejection lever.

      1. HI RACIST! My condolences for having to live with yourself and being angry every single day of your life with the world when really it is just you who has the ugly on the inside. You are no better than the unfair and egotistical, childish, blogger who wrote this piece. Guess you had better jump into the east river too, according to your scale.

      1. Don’t do that. Seriously, asshole, don’t pull the death threat/call you whore/cunt card. Call her out for bad behavior, maybe she’ll learn something but DON’T FUCKING THREAT her with DEATH and DON’T USE GENDERED INSULTS, you dipshit because now you are THAT GUY on the internet.

          1. My 2 cents:

            1. Ms. Woodward Pu’s response to a fairly innocuous “not that into you” was excessive to the point of being unhinged.

            2. The level of racist and misogynistic vitriol being directed at her is far more excessive and unhinged.

            1. Agree with both points. Her rant was out-of-proportion crazy, even if played for laughs… but the hateful posts here are slightly shocking in intensity. I say slightly, because this kind of shit is just too common on the internet. 😦

              1. What do you expect from the modern entitlement “princess” complex that the majority of women now embrace wholeheartedly… acting rationally isn’t exactly the norm for women anyways nowadays. Theirs a reason for the decrease in marriage(s) and relationships and this emotional trainwreck is a poster child for why….. time for her to invest in cat food and the full series of Sex and the City to pass the time for this future spinster:)

            2. She probably ruined that guy’s life over a totally innocuous polite text message. What are a few nasty comments compared to that? Honestly, I don’t know how she can go to sleep at night after what she’s done. The worst part is, she’s so self-righteous about it. I think these comments are a totally natural reaction to such a disgusting human being.

          2. eh-hem, still a threat according to, like, courts and judges and stuff. but that’s okay! please go ahead and defend someone who is violently overreacting to someone who overreacted! that totally doesn’t make you look like a moron either!

            1. oh by the way, Merchant of Venice and Jared, the above comment is *sarcasm*, I thought I should probably explain that to you. have a great day threatening people on the internet!

            2. Eh-hem, where did you get your legal opinion on this matter? The level of arrogance you used to relate such incorrect information is quite astounding. Hopes are not threats.

          3. Hope just means he is passively threatening her, not that he is absolved of the threat he just said. It is still a terrible thing to say. And you calling someone a moron for saying you shouldn’t threaten someone with a torturous death is equally terrible to say. I don’t know why you would defend someone even hoping to propose such unjustified violence to a person. That kind of threat would be completely out of line talking about literally any person.

            1. You literally go to every tread here and tell people “Ooh, you shoudln’t say that, it’s terrible to say that, don’t say that.” Are you in love with her or something? Or are you justa tumblr special snowlfake?

              Guess what, kid. WE KNOW. And she deserves every word of it.

    4. Looks like he broke up with this selfish, high maintenance, back stabbing bitch just in time.

      I can only imagine if they had been together a month, she probably would have set his car and other belongings on fire.

      Psycho broad…

    5. Oh, you are probably right. He should have flat out ignored you. Or told you the truth, which would have been way less painful.

      It would have been something like, “You are kinda fat, not that interesting, and probably not good in bed. In fact, let’s end this now before I even find out.”

      You should just be appreciative of him trying to be nice.

      1. Let’s see—he met her while “sloppy drunk”, sobered up, met her a 2nd time, tried to get drunk again on champagne just to deal with her nauseatingly pompous arrogance, and broke up with her in the classiest way possible for a woman of her caliber. It’s so frustrating that women like her think their cuntiness contributes positively to the feminist movement—and I’m speaking as a feminist.

        1. Well, he wasn’t flawless either. He dated a feminist FFS, he’s obviously one card short of a full deck, quite ready for the wacky shack.

    6. Let me get this straight. A guy u just met and went on like 2 dates with simply tells you (politely I might add) that he’s not looking for anything at the moment, good luck and you forward private messages to his superiors?! Bitch are you for real?! That is the definition of crazy. He’s lucky he bounced when he did. How dare you jeopardize someone’s job just because he let you down. You’re 26? Honey you need to start acting your age and not your shoe size. No one cares how many things you’ve got published or what you’re working on. If you don’t have class you don’t have shit. You should seriously be ashamed of this behavior. You’re disgusting.

      1. Disgusting and sick. Yes, she is. It is not funny or cute or smart or even empowering to ruin someones livelihood because you can’t handle rejection.

        On the flip side, many of these comments are also disgusting and sick.

    7. Seriously though, if you didn’t like this guy at all, why would you have even entertained the idea of catching up with him in the first place, let alone been so obviously upset by the whole situation? Clearly you seem to think that you are the ultimate catch and are quite upset that he was the one to call things to a halt. You are single, not because you want to be, but because you have Psychopathic tendancies, have really high opinion of yourself and are probably a drama queen to be around. hahahahahahahahah………..! Oh look at me I’m so hot, how could he have done this to me! Ablsolute pissa, sucked in! And I’ll bet becuase this is not supportive of your narcissistic ways, you will delete the post!

    8. Maybe he was just afraid to tell you this in person because he felt that you are a crazy person, which you just comfirmed with this screenshots. Also, he was probably initimidated by your size, you could wrestle a grizly bear and walk away like a winner. Concider going on a diet, seriously. Maybe then boys won`t run away from you. Maaaybe.

    9. Did… did she… did she just insult this poor guy’s 9 year old daughter???…. because… because… she… didn’t like being rejected????… =( I am so sorry for you Ms. Quin… I hope… I hope you get everything you need in this life.

    10. What a vile excuse for a human being. Even after so many people point out how disgusting her behaviour is there’s no sign of remorse or regrets only threats. I sure hope this poor guy doesn’t have any further trouble from this vengeful bitch. He’s lucky he got away from this psycho as quick as he did.

    11. This bitch sounds like a crazy person. That dude should consider himself lucky for not having to deal with her. He was nothing but polite and she was a bitch.

    12. I can sum up this event quite simply. Narcissistic, egotistical, entitled princess who thinks she is gold meets a drunk guy who is blinded by alcohol (beer goggles). He does not see the true psycho before him.

      After he sobers up, it dawns on him but after meeting up, all of his worst fears are confirmed. He does the smart thing and cuts off contact before its too late. Some how being rejected suddenly makes this guy an ‘outrageously chauvinistic and insecure man’. I suggest you get over yourself but I must thank you for illustrating your true colours to all of the men out there because it’s things like this that help more men wise up every single day. If you do not get over yourself, in a few years you will not have much choice in the matter anyway. Your behaviour in this matter was beyond childish, you could have ruined someones career and regardless of whether someone rejected you through text or phone, you handled it like a spoilt girl. I hope one day you will reflect on your behaviour, learn from it and be humbled. However, that is very unlikely.

    13. “I was stunned into paralysis. I had no words–this never happens–and I just felt short of breath.”

      it sounds like you were offended someone had turned you down – it happens.

      i do think its very petty to blow this up to the point of contacting his bosses with personal messages & to try shame him for something when in reality he chose the lesser of two poor options –

      1) go to your party then break up with you – which looks like he just wanted a free night out
      2) be upfront and honest about not wanting to take it further

      yes the timing is very poor but timing sometimes cant be helped

    14. So the guy breaks off the relationship in a respectful manner and you send his private sexts to his employer? I wonder how you’d feel if he sent his private snaps of you gobbling his bits to your employer.

      You’re a psychopath.

    15. Dear Quin, that was a bitch move and you should be ashamed. The guy ended it very maturely and you potentially ruined his and HIS LITTLE GIRL’S life. I just came here to tell you I will NEVER buy your books, NEVER read the rest of your blog, watch your videos, or do anything that supports you. This one blog reveals your TRUE self, and I want nothing to do with it. If anyone mentions an interest in you, I’m going to point them STRAIGHT to this. How can you call yourself a “feminist” if you potentially ruined a little girl’s life?

    16. Welcome to the new world, where deluded and unstable women are praised for attempting to ruin people’s lives when receiving criticism, or rejection. If the roles were reversed there would be such a hugely cataclysmic outcry it would be unbelievable. The criticism this vile woman receives for this article is minuscule compared to if a man did this, not to say it would be any more acceptable. This is nothing short of harassment. I advise you check your deluded self back into reality and get your head checked, or fill it with lead. The world could do with less bigots.
      Have a nice day.

  1. Happy Birthday Quin…..Congrats on staying true to your fantablulous self. I would love to see his face when he reads the LBB.

    1. Way to condone such awful, immature behavior. You also seem like the same person who talks shit behind her back. PS. Please stop using the word “fantabulous”

    2. I’m quite sure, after he picked his jaw up off the desk, he breathed a huge sigh of relief at having dodged a complete psycho bullet. Do you really think your girlfriend comes off looking good here? Because I think she looks a text or two away from a 5150.

      1. I know what the boss who receives the ‘sexts’ will say: Dude! you stuck your d in crazy. Never stick it in crazy. Cause its crazy son ya hear me?!?

      1. Has anyone clicked this guy’s twitter link? I’m not sure if this is performance art or if he’s actually a magic- the gathering tournament competitor from canada.

      2. It frustrates me how people see an opinion they don’t agree with, and immediately assume “Stupid American”.
        Not that I think her response to the break up was at all reasonable. Ruining someone else’s career over relationship problems is messed up.

  2. You are completely unhinged. That you’d bother responding to him in such a negative way shows that you are horribly upset he rejected you, and that you’d try to get him fired shows that you are unstable at best and perhaps even dangerous at worst. I’m glad your name is on the internet attached to this bullshit because this poor martyr will help all other men dodge your psycho bullet.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. This chick is totally off the deep end. I pray that there aren’t girls reading this blog thinking this is a normal way to react to a man who sent a very nice message saying that he didn’t want a relationship with you. Jesus H Christ. I think Quin LITERALLY thinks that her shit doesn’t stink. Well guess what Quinny…it does, and it smells like shit. That was the most swarmy, childish, and dickish response to anything I have ever read…let alone to a text as insignificant as that. Wow. “125 of my closest friends”…you don’t have that many friends bitch, and never will. I’d venture to guess that the only “friends” you do have are the few people as materialistic and childish as you…and they won’t be there once something new and shiny rolls around. Just because you obsessively add people on facebook and linkedin doesn’t mean they are your friends. Grow the fuck up. You’re making all of us in our mid 20’s to early 30’s look bad, especially girls.

  3. Good choice of words, Bob. I particularly like how you hone in on the unstable nature of her emotions (which is a given – she’s a woman!). Unhinged, dangerous, horribly upset. As a man in the now, I too agree that accusing women of acting solely out of emotion is our clarion call as men to make sure they are never considered our true equals. Women should be thrilled we talk to them at all, and accept our behavior no matter how ridiculously unhinged, self-centered, and potentially dangerous (to our careers – or otherwise) it is.


    1. She’s actively trying to get a person fiored from their job, only because they rejected her. in what way could you call this mentally stable? are you having a laugh?

    2. What are you taking about? I’m a woman and a feminist, and this young woman has some serious, serious issues. She IS unhinged, and this sort of behavior is not healthy or conducive to a happy life full of successful relationships.

      1. Sorry, but there are some sexist replies here, but many are from normal adjusted people who just think your friend Quinn has done a very shitty thing to a person who doesn’t seem to have deserved it. If 90% of people who have seen this story think Quinn is a shitty person, we shouldn’t be suprised if some of that 90% are misogynists, but that doesn’t invalidate everyone else’s opinion about what a shitty/unhinged person she seems to be.

    3. I am disappointed in you, fellow Asian-American. For you to stoop so low to publicly shame a guy you barely knew. Did you know karma’s a bitch? For this very public act you’ve done, you can say good bye to having a respectable career.

      Also, 26 does not mean you know all in the world. For shame that you think 26 is a grown-up age when you act like this. I have no respect for people who get high and mighty. See what the next two years serve for you.

  4. What on earth is wrong with you? The guy sent an honest message including several compliments, why did you throw a shrew fit on him? If he went on the date, you would be whining that he was leading you on and criticizing him for not just telling you that he doesn’t want a relationship.

    1. her biological clock is ticking, i hear it all the way over here.
      problem is, she was probably spoiled as a child and always had things go her way *on threat of tantrums*
      but it’s to be expected, they are the weaker sex. *mentally and physically*

    2. Agreed. Unlike me, i would RSVP and not show up and ignore all the follow up messages. That’s just me. Dude now has to deal w/ this shit. Fuck you dumb bitch. Get well soon. And this is coming from a girl who makes more $ than you. Ps your blog sucks

      1. Because it’s completely reasonable? People have their worldviews fueled from experience. The idea that it’s better to live without prejudice is a naieve, liberal myth.

          1. Considering all male rapes, deaths in dangerous jobs and suicide rates that feminists try to overlook, while they could actually do sth about it, you can imagine my idea of the feminists.

    1. because they are allowed to
      they are free to be what ever they want
      including whore

      why so many of them pick it I dont know

  5. You sound like a child. I don’t even know you but I wouldn’t WANT to date you. He’s probably laughing and thinking to himself, “wow, I dodged a bullet.”

    Grow up. Guys get rejected all the time and we live with it.

    1. she sent shit to his job and posted online he still got grazed by that bullet.
      Every man on the planet now has to avoid Quin Woodward Pu , you have been warned about how fucking crazy she is, she told everyone her self.

  6. So let me get this straight… you’re attacking him and potentially trying to get him fired because he was honest and forthright with you? Instead of giving you the fade out, or making excuses, he was honest. What’ wrong with that?

    1. She is crazy.

      Guy dumps her and lets her down easy. This is what happens.

      1) Send crazy text to guy saying way more than needs to be said.
      2) Take screenshots of personal conversation with the guy and send to his boss.
      3) Go online, post screenshots of all personal texts and write a blog about it.
      4) Expect sympathy or praise but get none because you are completely out of your mind and are exactly the opposite of the adult woman you claim to be.

      Her actions were like a childish tantrum that just would not stop. I’d hate to see what happens to the guy who dumps her after 3 dates.

  7. Jesus Christ. You are completely unhinged and have zero self awareness. That your deep-seeded insecurities would extend themselves to taking vengeance on a guy for simply being uninterested in you is laughable and sad (amusing yet tragic). I predict a string of highs and lows, of bipolar proportions, for the remainder of your twenties culminating in the realization that your own delusional and warped worldview and masculine tendencies (make no mistake about it – your demeanor is entirely unfeminine and this is likely irreversible given your own unjustifiable confidence in your naive thinking) have precluded you from finding a man to settle down with. You will be alone, surrounded by your books, in your condo, with some cats. Just LOL @ how objectively insane you must be. In an earnest attempt to bestow good advice upon you, which, for your own sake, you should heed: take a look in the mirror and truly reassess what your priorities are. Your pride, and published feats of lackluster and mediocre writing, WILL NOT keep you warm at night when you are 36 and alone – and you will be if you keep this shtick up. Best of luck to you, my dear.

    1. dude. this chick is nuts, no question, but you suck. a lot.
      nobody wants your bullshit advice on acting feminine and finding a man, as this isnt the 50s and youre an arrogant shit. she’s clearly got issues, but, in an earnest attempt to bestow good advice upon you, which, for your own sake, you should heed – take your paternal moronery elsewhere, yea?

      1. nah, i think he’s pretty close to being right. after she did what she did to this guy i think she deserves a hefty dose of these types of comments, make her consider what the actualities could be if she keeps this shit up.

  8. Maybe you screenshot the wrong thing. I was expecting a lewd sext or something inappropriate. What I saw was a fairly thoughtful text from the dude and an over-the-top, self-promotional, vindictive, butt-hurt reply from you. Yikes

  9. So, from your own account and reading here, you had a couple of dates, he attempted to make sure you were on clear terms along with let you off gently and you decide a reasonable response was to attempt to destroy a career of a man with a child to support. And you chalk this up to “being 26” and “not having a filter”? wow. I’m amazed.

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?
      I mean, way to be calm and balanced, you psychotic bitch. Good job, standing up for yourself against an unusually polite and complimentary rejection text that a normal person would appreciate as a courtesy. And way to show men what pigs they all are, by trying to ruin the career of a man with a child to feed. You sure showed him what happens to people who are polite to you.
      Man. Heaven help the guy that actually breaks up with you.
      That is, if you ever evolve that far, you whiny screeching harpy.

    1. you nailed it. I’m just…I guess I am still in shock at this behavior. at how callous and reckless it is, at how devoid of perspective it is, at bottom, at how MEAN it is. It’s just…MEAN.

  10. I hope this is a joke.

    Also, you think a little too highly of yourself Quin. As a guy, we only care about your accomplishments in relation to your looks. So between two good looking women, a man will err toward the intelligent, funny, and accomplished one. However, between an unaccomplished good looking woman and a accomplished unattractive woman, we’ll pick the unaccomplished good looking woman every day of the week.

    You sound accomplished (of course it could be your strange narcissism), but you’re not very attractive. A bit overweight, actually. That’s why he did not want to give you a chance.

    1. Am I alone in thinking getting people fired for blowing you out is probably the “gateway drug” for bunny boiling.

      but i digress

      So what lesson did we learn from today’s story folks?

      Yes, that’s right, “never respond to rejection texts whilst on the rag”

  11. Anyone needing some insight into what a terrible person she is should probably look at her “books,” which are exactly the sort of “look at me! look at me!” shenanigans you’ve come to expect from Obama’s America. Also, LOL at people who write for Examiner who think they’re “journalists.” Her parents have clearly filled her with a vastly overinflated sense of self-importance.

    Her book-length text is basically confirmation that she can’t handle rejection. It’s a huge list of reasons she supposes he should like her and some pretty pathetically transparent attempts to cut him down.

    In any event, any man who takes 10 seconds to Google her will know to run far, far away.

    1. Well she does have a condo and more than 125 friends, as well as an award winning personality. After taking a moment to consider her blathering, I think it’s likely “friends” was actually “cats”. A 125 cat party is just too much for some people.

        1. As did I. I seriously hope she is taking a good “no filter” look at herself and picking up the phone to make an appt for therapy right now.

  12. Even though you trying to get someone fired for hurting you, and that is way over the line, I want to help and not just insult you. You should consider this intro link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder

    you have nearly 14 000 facebook photos of yourself. Perhaps you can use this event today as a wake-up call and turn it into something positive. It is not your fault for being narcissistic – you have done NOTHING wrong. But, I hate to see you destroy other peoples lives, and am afraid if you’re not careful, this is a real possibility.

    1. She did nothing wrong? Are you fucking joking? She tried to destroy a mans life. “Oh but she wasn’t being herself”. That doesn’t make it okay. What if she drove him to suicide by not only ruining his job, but getting child services called on his kid? “It won’t matter because she is narcissistic.”
      White Knight elsewhere.

  13. “I am not an insecure little girl, to prove this I am going going to go on a narcissistic rant, try to get you fired and insult your daughter, because you don’t want to date me.”


  14. Ignore the misogynistic idiots.

    The way he rejected you was condescending. “Sorry to be a downer” stinks of patriarchy, as if the rejection from a male is capable of destroy a woman’s passion for life. You were obviously being sarcastic with that gown comment, but he was too busy wallowing in his condescension to even consider it.

    Maybe next time he’ll think twice before doing what he did (and before your Birthday no less).

    1. ^This is absolute trolling,

      The truth is–your fat. It is almost insufferable for an attractive female to act like a cunt, but we accept it because she is appealing to our eyes.

      You are not anywhere close to attractive. You are not entitled to behave this way because of this.

      1. Please.

        So you think it’s perfectly acceptable to tell a girl to meet you at a romantic place for a week, and then dump her days before the event that YOU planned?

        It’s disgusting and just shows how arrogant he is (along with the perceived “dominance” he has over any girl that shows the slightest bit of interest in him).

        1. He let her down politely.

          Are you saying that he should have been forced to follow through with his plans? That’s like saying a girl isn’t allowed to flake on a date.

        2. As a guy, i have been rejected by countless women. I always appreciate when a girl can be honest before it gets too serious and real emotions become involved. How can you not see this? Is it only because you are a hateful bitch and you think that every man is scum? yeah, i think that must be it

        3. Two comments here:

          1) This perspective on his response is dripping with insecurity. The invocation of “misogyny” in a situation like this is not indicative of a strong woman; a strong woman would brush this aside as “his loss.” Your (and the author’s) over-sensitivity to certain phraseology as being a slight or a show of male dominance is reflective of immaturity, and not strength of character. Saying “sorry to be a downer” was doubtlessly intended with no reference to male dominance, but rather to the simple nature of breaking off plans right before someone’s birthday. Switch the gender roles in this scenario if you don’t believe it.

          It has nothing to do with gender roles, and the need to frame it as such is indicative of a desire not for gender equality (as someone whose desire was for a gender neutral society would not so immediately perceive such things as an assertion of patriarchal dominance), but an oversensitivity to those issues. A true Feminist would be highly disappointed with this reaction, and would be infuriated with the author and responders such as yourself, Johanne, flying such a response under the banner of that movement.

          2) People need to stop attempting to interpret text messages. If you haven’t figured out at this point that people’s true sentiments are nearly always misconstrued through text, you need to unplug and start talking to people in real life for a while. Grow up.

        4. You’re as unhinged as she is. “sorry to be a downer” does not stink of patriarchy. It’s actually the opposite. He’s clearly saying, hey, sorry for delivering some not so great news before your birthday…but in a more condensed version…and for all we know it could have been part of the conversation they had on the 2 dates.

          You an Quin need to take a long walk off a short bridge. She’s CLEARLY defined herself as an over inflated whacko and you are right there along with her.

        5. SO he has to be emotionally raped or she gets to to this?
          Johanne, No that is wrong. So if a girl organise to come over for some sexy time and I’m an ass earlier in the night She still has to have sex because she organised it earlier?

          Choice is a 2 way street, he gets it too!
          she had no right to talk to his employer or post online, she could have sent him the nastiest message she wanted (it still makes her a child doing that though) but by going beyond that really she should be arrested, If a man had did that sort of thing to a woman he would be in serious trouble. This is clearly harrassment on her half. NEVER an excuse to call someones place of employment over a romanitic issue, that has finacial impact she should be liable for any loss of income he sustains.

            1. A girl sends her would-be boyfriend some racy lingerie shots. He then forwards this to messageboards, her employer, her parents and her pastor. She had it coming because he didn’t ask for the shots, amirite?

              1. When did I say he had it coming? I said that it was a poor decision (idiotic) to send sex messages to a woman that you had been on all of two dates with.

            2. No proof they were unsolicited . . and reported only AFTER he split with her . . evidence she consented, implicitly or otherwise . . .. Also, her complaint was not that they were unsolicited, but that they were sent on a government account. If you are not into IT, no marginal cost to emails sent after business.

        6. Not to mention dumping days before the date that he planned with a text message and only when she didn’t agree to spend the whole weekend with him… the guy tried to play a game and got caught so he took the cowardly way out. It’s unfortunate that so few people see it.

    2. “. “Sorry to be a downer” stinks of patriarchy, as if the rejection from a male is capable of destroy a woman’s passion for life.”


    3. “Stinks of patriarchy?” Are you serious? If you construe that dude’s text as anything other than “it’s been nice but this isn’t going to work” you are as removed from reality as the “author” of this blog. Take that way-of-the-mark, unfocused ray of third-wave feminism back to whatever school sold it to you for 300k.

      1. All Social Justice / Gender Studies types simply have no clue of how normal human social interaction functions, so say rubbish like this with complete sincerity.

    4. Yeah, the strong feminists that need no man in their lives, lose their shit when they get dumped politely after two dates, because they thought that they would be forever with the guy. Yeah, the strong feminist who needs no man, tries to get him fired and the consequences of that, which are a daughter would get poor and hungry and maybe lose her father and her home, where totally known to her. So, the strong feminist tries to get a man fired because her ego was broken because she didn’t have the chance to dump him first. And then, her strong feminist friend actually approves her actions because she read his polite comment as “stinks of patriarchy (the abstract notion of men in the glass ceiling ruling the world, but fuck the glass bottom which is full of poor and homeless men because those do not suit our feminist agenda). How dare he brake up with you? But of course you are a strong and independent woman, you will not make a scene right? you are mature enough to accept the fact that all relationships (this was not even a relationship) end, just like everything else (even our lives)? I agree with your last comment though. “Maybe next time he’ll think twice before doing what he did”. Yeah, now the man will know to never date a feminist ever again.

    5. Em, rejection from a male (or female) for either sex can indeed quite often be a downer, you psychopath. In fact, it was obviously a particularly extreme downer for this other psychopath you are defending.

    6. Honestly, I’m a woman and I could see myself writing such a text. I don’t think he was condescending, he was just trying to be polite.

    7. It wasn’t “condescending”. Nobody likes to be rejected. Should he have started his comment with “I don’t really care how you feel about this” or “no big deal, but…”

    8. Are you insane?!? He owed her NOTHING. People go out, sometimes it doesn’t work out. You need to learn to handle rejection like an adult. Think Twice, Ugh Women like you guys give us all a bad name. You are not entitled to hurt someone because they didn’t feel a connection. Gross. You are Gross!

  15. you’re an absolutely terrible person. I don’t have the words to describe how little humanity you lack. You risked a guy’s ENTIRE LIFE. Why? because you got friend zoned? He obviously didn’t mean that much to you if you were meeting with a former lover while he was out of town. You’re a scumbag. Plain and simple.

    tl;dr fuck you cunt.

    It’s habbening, pol is coming

  16. LOL. Hold on a minute. Not only are your “memoirs” (written at the tender age of 24? 25?) self-published, which you conveniently omitted for obvious reasons, but they are adorned with obligatory “sexy” shots of yourself on the cover. LOL! Are you kidding me? How on earth are you so entitled? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Jesus Christ, no wonder you live in DC. You would get negative attention (as in less than zero) from anyone in New York City. Here is the brutal advice that no one has the courage to tell you in real life: lose 25-30 pounds (seriously), change your attitude completely (become sweet, deferential – someone a guy actually wants to spend time with, you horrible shrew) and marry the first pathetic, nerdy Asian-fetishistic white guy with a six figure income who doesn’t run away from you. As much as it’s not in society’s best interest for someone like you to procreate, you are the textbook example of a “self-empowered” dumb bitch who will regret not having had children in your 20s when you are alone and barren at 35. Please know that I am harsh because your blinders are likely on way too tight for an otherwise reasonable response to resonate with you. Best of luck, Quin.

    1. After a quick google search of Peter Green, I come up empty handed. Unless, of course, you are Peter Allen Green(baum) of Fleetwood Mac, or the Australian gastroenterologist of NYC fame (great review on ucomparehealthcare.com). I only mention this because, after googling Quin Woodward Pu, I am flooded with information about her.

      You may not care about her life, her blog, her success – which by clicking and commenting on this article, you contributed to- but I am alarmed at how hostile you seem to be towards Quin for reacting to someone who treated her poorly. While she did post this personal interaction online, this man clearly made a series of poor decisions. If you don’t agree that talking about and/or sending pictures of your penis unsolicited on a tax-payer funded mobile device is a poor choice, I guess that’s your prerogative (talk about blinders being on too tight). Telling someone you don’t want to see them again after having “a great time”, and sending them pictures of your dick in the near past seems really seems confusing to me, though.

      The fact that you attack Quin for her personal appearance, lack of children at 26, and call her a dumb bitch (did you turn down Johns Hopkins?), clearly highlights your misogynistic tendencies. If a man wrote this about a woman, would you tell him to lose 25 pounds? FYI: women are not barren at 35. Don’t worry – Quin already knows this, as she put herself through Vanderbilt in part by teaching MCAT classes. As for the sentence where you advise Quin to become sweet and deferential, there are no words.

      You also seem racist, for example, when you suggest that only someone into asian women would want to marry her, which is eerily devoid of any modernity, tact or common sense- this is a public forum, Peter. Similarly, you must have missed the part of Quin’s life when she was half caucasian, as in one of her parents is, you know, white.

      If you think Quin is entitled, fine. Her parents cut her off when she chose not to become a doctor and she made her own way. Feel free to ask her about it… or just read about in either of her books.

      Also, while your at it, ask her about the time her blog got so many hits after a certain article went up, the advertising revenue paid her mortgage that month.

      Best of luck, Peter.

      1. Hi Quin,

        Interesting definition of “success” from someone who, quite transparently, lacks any sense of identity, is a single girl yearning and unsuccessfully gunning for male companionship in DC (ha!), and forcefully, and poorly, attempts to cultivate a quasi-cosmopolitan persona, thinly veiled over the real you: a self-aggrandizing, legitimately clueless, directionless, mediocre “writer” who exhibits such obliviousness, who is so disengaged from objective reality, that you make your equally aloof and self-entitled millennial peers look like the Greatest Generation.

        It is irrelevant that someone else should have made the horrible decision to text you pictures of his cock. You are no less guilty of errors in digital judgment by loudly letting the world know you are the kind of girl who deserves to be treated with that little respect.

        Your ignorance is further highlighted by your attempt at drawing a correlation between one’s actual intelligence and rote memorization + their ability to diligently follow orders. That you think admission to JHUSOM precludes any contention of your legitimate stupidity (yes, you really are a dumb bitch, Quin) is fittingly prescient on your end.

        Otherwise, I am happy that you might make a few hundred extra bucks from ad revenue this month. You should use those pennies to pay interest on the mortgage to the bank which owns your condo.

        So again, my dear, I wish you the best of luck.

      2. WOW! Just when I thought this could not get any better. And then you come and try to defend your self under an alias because you are too stupid or scared to face it yourself. I’m loving following your pathetic blog and story. This certainly has undertones of ” Amy’s Baking company ” fiasco. Im just going to watch you slowly ruin what little you have accomplished.

      3. Yeah, the strong feminists that need no man in their lives, lose their shit when they get dumped politely after two dates, because they thought that they would be forever with the guy. Yeah, the strong feminist who needs no man, tries to get him fired and the consequences of that, which are a daughter would get poor and hungry and maybe lose her father and her home, where totally known to her. So, the strong feminist tries to get a man fired because her ego was broken because she didn’t have the chance to dump him first. And then, her strong feminist friend actually approves her actions because “Patriarchy” (the abstract notion of men in the glass ceiling ruling the world, but fuck the glass bottom which is full of poor and homeless men because those do not suit our feminist agenda). How dare he brake up with you? But of course you are a strong and independent woman, you will not make a scene right? you are mature enough to accept the fact that all relationships (this was not even a relationship) end, just like everything else (even our lives)? Grow the hell up, get back to reality, read a book on psychology and social interaction and check your brain for a mental disorder. Then come back as a human being and see how stupid you look for defending a bad, vengeful person, who can’t be mature enough to accept that the man was being polite and sincere and tried to cut this off before emotions got involved.

      4. @will
        “hostile you seem to be towards Quin for reacting to someone who treated her poorly.”
        are you deranged or not read the messages?
        Quin tried to ruin a mans livelyhood and destroy a child life, because she got politley advised that they guys she’d seen twice wasn’t that into her. He treated her Exceptionally well If he was aware that she was even 1 fifth the Bitch this blog proves her to be. Seriosuly how did he treat ‘poorly’? by what stretch of the imagination did he treat her poorly? he honestly advised her amongst a bunch of compilments (obviously he tried to be nice) that he was not interested in a romatic relationship. That is not Poorly that is Nicely, that he didn’t like her is just life, people are allowed to not be in love with someone. Ever think maybe he googled her?
        So Will what would you have done, how would you break up with a girl you meet while drunk taken on 2nd date to realise is really ugly and has a awful personality and you don’t want to have a romantic relationship with?

      5. maybe he sent the text on the birthday (and risk seeming like and asshole) so she would feel free to flirt with other guys?
        maybe he was being super considerate.

        oh btw i did a quick search on google for “Will” and unless you’re a legal document you do not exist, because EVERYONE can be found on google straight away, right?! you freaking kidding me there’s probably like a million Peter Green’s in the world, this one maybe doesn’t own a condo and hasn’t published TWO books, but i guess you have your PROOF that he’s fake? stupid.

        google Quin Woodward Pu in a couple of days and you will be ‘flooded’ with info about how she’s the most hated person on the internet.

      6. Quin did not “put herself through Vanderbilt” or get admitted to Johns Hopkins Medical School. She is completely full of shitm and always has been.

  17. Maybe he could have waited until after your birthday/birthday party to tell you, but in this day and age, considering how busy so many people’s lives are, two weeks notice on a cancelled trip should be appreciated. When he said he wasn’t looking for a relationship and combined it with compliments about you, it’s clear that he sees you as relationship material. It’s a compliment. He’s just not ready. He was forthright and honest. Sure, timing could have been better, but you have an entire work week to get over it before your glamours 125 person birthday party. Putting him on blast on the internet is an indication that maybe you’re not capable of dealing with the dating scene and really should just stay single.

    1. She is only upset because she told every single one of her 125 “friends” that she has met a man and she was excited to show him off to all of her friends. Since her friends are so used to her not being in a relationship she is upset that she will have to arrive to a party dateless (like every other party she has ever been to). This was too much to bear and now she is taking it out on him. Unable to accept the fact that he let her down politely she went off in a psychopathic rage. This guy dodged a major bullet.
      Any female supporting this behavior is also just plain crazy.

  18. I’m really embarrassed for you. You might think this makes you look good, but it doesn’t. It makes you look insecure and desperate and a bit of a psychopath and what you did to that guy makes you nothing short of a complete cunt. Now I know, the first thing that should be asked on a date is; “are you a feminist?”, because if the answer is “yes” then they’ve basically admitted to being a cold blooded, psychotic bitch.

  19. FYI, she has a room in her english basement which is plastered with photos of Republican politicians who she idolizes, complete with a big photo of Dick Cheney.

    1. She sounds like an insufferable liberal cunt to me. Plus, she lives in DC (the only place Gallup has ever reported that there are more self-described liberals than conservatives). She probably walks in gay parades, drives a Prius, eats organic, and rails against corporations in her “deep” conversations with friends at her local Starbucks.

          1. Yeah bro… This is a conservative. Not a liberal. Your denial is like seeing a banana in front of you and declaring “maybe it’s a banana BUT IT HAS THE HEART OF AN APPLE”

            I think there are batshit crazy people on both sides. It’s ok to admit this to yourself, it is good critical thinking. best of luck in coming to terms with the idea there are assholes in every party, Wally!

      1. Oh yea, because it’s great to eat food laced with chemicals and hormones in it. I don’t drive a Prius or eat ALL organic and don’t describe myself as a liberal but I do support things that are right like supporting gay, religious, political rights, not eating hormone or chemical laced foods, or putting more exhaust into the atmosphere. You couldn’t even get her political leanings right. What a joke you are. Stick to the facts. And what’s wrong with supporting gay rights you bigot? You don’t think they should be proud of who they are? Maybe they should hide in a dark corner and be ashamed of themselves like you do? Wow, you sure are telling on yourself aren’t you? People like you a)don’t need to be commenting on things you have no idea about, and b) mind your own business.

  20. Two dates and you’re furious that he sent you an “it’s not you, it’s me” text. Seriously, woman? You’re lucky he even had the common courtesy to do that. Most of us would have just stopped answering the phone. Hell, I’d probably change my number, seeing how unhinged you are.

  21. wow. what an absurdly histrionic reaction to gentle honesty. rants like the one you sent that man, exemplify everything that is wrong with people today, and what projection! your response clearly indicates how self-aggrandizing you are, not the other way around. ‘ah bloo bloo bloo, i have two books published, how could anyone not want me!?’, ‘ah bloo bloo, i was rejected after a couple of casual dates, time to try and ruin someone’s life’. what vindictive trash you are.

  22. WOW! I am a female, altho older both physically and otherwise. I have daughters your age and would be completely ashamed if they behaved this way. There is a way to have respect and genuine love from the opposite sex and honey, thats not it. You do sound insecure, vindictive and mentally challenged to go to that extreme. The text you received was mature in its nature and yours was not. It seems like you are offended he wanted more than what you have to offer. Learn about yourself and get off your pedestal. Real princesses dont act that way, you are way too full of yourself. No wonder the men of this generation are confused.

      1. Went to visit my cousin Hunter who is in a persistent vegetative state after an unfortunate rollerskating accident. Watched Warhorse on my Galaxy Nexus while sitting next to his bed. As the credits roll I hear SNIFFLING and CRYING. Looked over and Hunter was awake, STANDING UP, doing a slow clap & bawling. First time he’s moved in 15 years.

        Thank you stephen. Thank u war hors

  23. Solid 2/10 on looks department on top of being sadistic and cold.

    It’s going to be hard to get a guy to date someone as fat as you to begin with, but with that personality, you might just want to leave the dating scene all together.

  24. I’m guessing it was the second part of his message which irritated you, since it seemed to imply you were weak and in need of encouragement after getting dropped. To be honest he was probably just trying to be nice, but crossed into condescending. Your response was disproportionately defensive and vindictive though, and seemed to be very ego driven, so maybe just think twice about where a response is coming from before letting it loose on someone.

  25. The criterion of scholarly inquiry is not whether it is of “help” to someone. Publicizing potentially embarrassing, unhinged text screeds is of “help” to lots of people, but it is not scholarship; and the prole Irish novelist James Joyce was of “help” to the modernist avant garde of the 20th century (he basically defined it), though I’m quite sure his Ulysses is unintelligible to most Vanderbilt grads. The criterion of scholarly inquiry is whether it makes a contribution to knowledge and understanding, not whether it “helps.” Of course, we know from history that genuine knowledge often helps with a host of practical and concrete problems, but it is the central premise of any reflection on the first 26 years of our lives that the measure of our achievement is the quality of our scholarship, i.e., its contribution to knowledge–whether of law or biology or literature–not its practical pay-off in the short-term. American women, including many women in the District of Columbia, have an extraordinary track record on this score. That we need more diversification of missions among American women shouldn’t obscure these facts central to the mission of echo chamber DC millenialista blogs.

  26. in a few days, she’ll find out how horrible she made herself look with this blog, that she’ll probably either
    a)take it down
    b)disable all comments
    c)drink bleach *suicide due to cyber ‘bullying’ *
    d)apologize for her childish behavior

  27. Wow. You are completely psychotic and full of yourself. I feel sorry for any man who has had to deal with you for anything more than a quick “Hello” in passing. Due the world a favor and seek professional help immediately.

  28. So i just saw a picture of the author Quin Woodward Pu

    shedding a few pounds would probably help with the future rejection

    just sayin. it would go great with your stellar personality

  29. Ha, you have got to be kidding me with your reaction. Face it honey, you’re an overweight 6 at best…you should probably work on that personality since you’re clearly not getting a guy on looks alone. He probably only went out with you in the first place because all guys know fat chicks love to…you know the rest

  30. wow. you need to get over yourself. you sound immature. dude politely doesn;t want to be involved and you freeak out with a super defensive text and then blog about it. not to mention you sare being spiteful and targeting his work? are you 12? you sound immature, defensive, insecure, and vindictive.

  31. As a fellow woman in her mid-twenties, I have to say that I am embarrassed for my gender by what you have done. How are we ever supposed to move up in this world and gain respect when women like you continue reinforcing the stereotype that we’re all irrational, immature, and spiteful? This man was nothing but kind to you. He could have used you, lead you on, and hurt you but he didn’t. And your response was to do this to him? Possibly get him fired when he has a child to care for? You’re not just immature, you’re just a flat out bad person. I would encourage you to apologize and do whatever you can to help him keep his job.

      1. Whether it was actually threatened is not germane to the conversation. The point is that she actively tried to threaten his job. That’s a terrible and immature thing to do to anyone, let alone some seemingly-polite guy who let her down gently. Normally I would ask if there was more to the story, but this is all from her side, so…

        1. no joke, what a complete bitch. The worst part is that she posted this to a blog, thinking that her reaction was socially acceptable.

  32. pretty huge overreaction to a rejection text, I don’t understand the level of vitriol, you might have an anger problem. also wow the amount of vanity! mentioning how good you are at everything, how many friends you have, dropping that you are a writer several times, that you were recently interviewed etcetera, you come off very obnoxious.

  33. Personally, I prefer honestly and openness to the gradual fade out or radio silence, but hey, that’s me. While I think that Quin grossly overreacted to a honest and pretty gentle letdown, there’s a way to express your differing opinion without resorting to name-calling and comments on her appearance. That kind of vitriol is counter-intuitive to being persuasive, or even a decent human being.

  34. You are ugly and fat as sin. Please kill yourself as there is no value to your life being such an ugly woman. Worthless. That guy is just smart and was probably on a desperation binge and not thinking clearly at all the 20 hours he spent with you.


  36. This chick is clearly out of her mind. It took 2 dates, 20 hrs for this dude to put the crazy tag on her and got the fock out. Job well done. Chick has serious mental issues.

  37. i’m guessing her parents threw her away when they realized how ugly and out of sync her eyes were. thus she has daddy issues that translate to being single at 26 and still getting mad when she gets dumped.

  38. Wow. You’re completely insane.

    There was absolutely nothing wrong about his carefully worded rejection. I think the person suffering from insane amounts of insecurity is you. But then you already knew that didn’t you? Pathetic you would try to ruin someones life just to sedate your own lust for attention. People like you make me sick.

  39. disgustingly obese fatasses having confident moments in their basement computer room and getting the courage to post “glamour shots” showing skin is easily the worst part of the internet. this girl is prime example.

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  40. You need a certain amount of wealth, but basically you have this limited time span 16-60 where you can truly enjoy life. Prime years are 18-40, then we all grow old and eventually die. Striving is pointless if it involves spending 60+ hours a week so you can drive a slightly more luxurious car than your peers. Seriously fuck this shit, give me 80k and enough free time to do some hobbies and I’m good.

  41. I really wish that those bombs we dropped on your people seventy years ago wiped all all of you slopes. You’re an awful excuse for a human. I can’t wait to see you around DC again and point your miserable ass out to all my friends.

  42. I can’t decide what’s more disgusting:

    The self-congratulatory, privately self-esteem-less, self-proclaimed “maturer-than-thou” girl who reacted with such unwarranted bile and vengeance towards a guy who, by her own admission, really owes her nothing in terms of their “relationship”– to the point of (at the very least) threatening to ruin his career and life and even dragging his 9 year old girl (who she doubtlessly has never even met) through the mud– when his only crime was honesty with a complimentary tone.


    Said immature nutbar’s “loyal readers” (who I’m guessing are either her real life friends or people with similar maturity issues) who congratulate and encourage this behavior.

    The author comes across as a scorned teenager, lashing out because she has yet to learn how to handle disappointment with dignity and maturity. You sound like your personal embarrassment at the perceived uncommon occurrence of rejection flipped a borderline unstable personality disorder within. If you truly weren’t thinking seriously about this “relationship,” as your casual language in the first paragraphs suggests, you would not have been so over the top with your response. I think you need to take a long, hard look at your behavior– and follow it up with a big time apology (as if that would come close to repairing the damage, if you did in fact actually bring his work/life into play here).

    This is not an example of the assertion of “independence” or “empowerment,” it is an insanely hostile and improper response to a *perceived* slight– that was, in reality, nothing short of polite, courteous, and thoughtful.

  43. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    He rejected you in the kindest way I’ve ever seen. Probably because he caught on to how insane you are and feared for his life. Your response most likely proved his suspicions to be correct.

    Seek help, they have a wide array of treatments to deal with all types of personality disorders.

  44. I’ve read reports she also used an assault style keyboard to post this offensive drivel.
    >cnn, the most trusted name in news.

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      1. Should we practice before Hampton or no? Definitely feeling covering REO Speedwagon’s High Infidelity on Halloween though…good suggestion.

  46. So, no one can see what exactly he sent her in the first place and how bad it really…and we just attack her with racism and shaming to the point of telling her to kill herself? She deserves to die for losing her temper via text? Really? 90% of all gossip is all about some girl overreacting to something some douchebag did. This is no different.

      1. “She” (meaning, you) thought it over carefully for 10 hours before acting–that’s not “losing your temper.” Also, it wasn’t just over text–you didn’t text it to his employer.

    1. actually we can see exactly what he said to her… did you even read the blog?

      he was really nice in the way he rejected her. only an insane person would react like she did.

  47. lol, im a juggalo with a damn good life. not my fault you hate yourselves so much you feel the need to internet troll like little bitches. lol, last person who said shit like this to me in person ended up in the hospital. so quit your pussy ass talkin shit over the internet n say shit to my face. or any real juggalo for that matter. we’ll teach you some respect.

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    That’s right.
    I’m holding her wheelchair hostage.

    The only problem is that I have no idea how she’s going to get around the kitchen.

  51. Caught that movie, Warhorse, on netflix last week. At first it was a little slow, but before long I was bawling like a school girl who was just raped by a clown and was banging my head repeatedly against the led screen.

    The intensity/flashing lights in some of the battle scenes must have induced some sort of epileptic fit. I regained consciousness perhaps ten hours later. Part of my tongue was missing from where I bit it off. More disturbing, however, was that I appeared to have decapitated my pet bulldog and fashioned his head into a hat of sorts.

    Unfortunately, the sight of all the blood reminded me of warhorse and I started bawling uncontrollably and ripped the led screen off the wall before dropping into another epileptic fit. A week later and I’m starting to feel more like myself.

    Excellent film BTW, a definite must watch.

  52. Just watched War Horse with the family for Christmas. We have been sobbing, hugging, crying, drooling with sheer emotion for the last four hours. My father is just staring at his hands weeping like a little girl. My mother is fainted. My brother is cackling in excitement at the battle scenes.

  53. Gave the eulogy for my grandfather Sid’s funeral last year. Without a doubt the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my entire life. Bawled hysterically the entire time and could barely pronounce the words on the page in front of me. Afterwards, my entire family thanked me for being so brave and courageously letting my emotions out. Strangers came up to me and shook my hand. Sid would be so proud.

    The tears weren’t for my grandfather. What I’ve never told anyone to this day is that I’d seen War Horse the night before in my room at the Red Roof Inn.

  54. Look, I know I have a weight problem. That’s not news to, I’m reminded every time I look in the goddamn mirror so shut the hell up about it!

  55. Typical Self absorbed, type A, millenial, socialite, attention seeking, insecure cunt. You will never be happy. You will get uglier and fatter as the years go by and even your unloving children will turn against you when your ex husband decides to leave you for a younger and **GASP** nicer person. I hate people like you.

  56. The day before seeing Warhorse I became married to a beautiful and sweet girl named Ella who came from a broken home in Mississippi and grew up perpetually barefoot, but who was kind as kind can be, and for our honeymoon we rented a cozy little cabin in the mountains and rented War Horse and I guess it was about halfway into it that I began to feel funny, and shortly after that I was heaving violently and shedding unstoppable tears and she was bent over me rubbing my back asking what was wrong and then about a half hour later I woke up on the floor after blacking out and Ella was dead, stabbed clean through the neck with a fireplace poker and lying in a pool of her own blood. Just bought the movie on iTunes today.

  57. I just want a hot girl from this board to fuck the shit out of me, or I can fuck the shit out of her, either way. We can probably do both.

    I want to be able to dominate, yet I like being submissive as well.

    I think we should start off where you dominate me for a while, then I dominate you, then we switch back for a bit, and then it will be a mystery when I cum.

    When I cum I will either be in the dominant or submissive role, it’s up in the air.

    I just need someone, preferably a cute to hot girl who likes Phish and his fairly big tits.

  58. Dear Miss Pu,

    I would like to cordially invite you to get up in here and tell your side of the story, on a little place called Phantasy Tour, at the GREEN BOARD. Some people have doubts that you actually committed such an egregious display of fuckwittery and are accusing you of fabricating this whole sequence of events. Others just think you’re an irredeemably narcissistic psychopath. We’d like you to weigh in on the issue and clear some things up for us.

    Kayisa Dainauf

  59. oh god, i shudder, as a woman i shudder.

    for every one woman that takes three steps forward girls like you take us 300 steps back.

  60. I never saw Warhorse but I damn sure tried. Three times, I tried. Thrice death lunged, thrice I evaded. I don’t cry anymore when I think back. I do however regret sending dick pics to that unhinged celestial from my third go ’round. That caprice I would take back, could that I would. Could that I would, damn you Quin Woodward Pu! COULD THAT I WOULD!

  61. Trying to ruin his career because he rejected you (in a pretty innocuous message)? Not something good people do.

    Bragging about it? Makes you seem completely detached from both social norms and reality.

    Allowing the message to make you so upset (because he called you a girl?) that you had to leave an important rehearsal? Well, I think that means you’re overly sensitive and insecure.

  62. Choose Life. Choose a med school. Choose a near-ivy. Choose a blog name. Choose a philanthropy, choose heated floors, #maybach twitter tags, a gold iphone 5s and the kennedy center. Choose good mascara, non-GMO, and insured jewelry. Choose eastern market. Choose a starter condo. Choose your society rag. Choose ball gowns and matching luggage. Choose birchbox and choose a youtube channel. Choose FOMO and texting new almost-acquaintances. Choose making small talk at gala after gala, celebrating nothing, stuffing salmon foam into your mouth at a tasteful pace. Choose moving to Chevy Chase at the end of it all, politicking your daughter’s way into Deerfield, nothing more than an embarrassment to the brawny titans of Rawls and Disraeli who made this decadent life possible. Choose your future. Choose life… But why would I want to do a thing like that? I chose not to choose life. I chose somethin’ else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you’ve got scholarship?

  63. I can’t decide if you are stupid enough to have engineered and contrived this train wreck, in an effort to “publicize” your otherwise vacuous life, or if you truly are as shallow, bitchy and contemptuous as you sound. Either way, you have clearly won the title of this week’s biggest loser. Maybe you can console yourself–and your 125 close friends–by eating some more birthday cake, or you can just get a spatula, and apply it directly to your thighs, since that appears to be its destination under any circumstances.

    Maybe you and your weigh- watchers-group-meeting of a “staff,” can sit around and justify your infantile rant, and your childish response to events that just happen in life. You are such a catch, that after all of this exposure, you might be able to get a date again, in Afghanistan, as long as you are wearing a burqa. If this was a joke, it backfired; if it wasn’t, well then you are even dumber than I gave you credit for, and I gave you a lot of credit.

    You don’t need a filter. You need a brain to put a filter in.

  64. Wow…so sorry people are giving you such asinine comments. I feel like you did nothing wrong, he came off as such an asshole. I feel like a lot of butt hurt rejected men, who can’t handle how you gave a rebuttal, are the ones who are commenting on here and flooding your blog.

    Also, if I were you- I would message amazon about how people maybe reviewing your book and leaving false comments. Hope these assholes don’t damper your birthday!

      1. yes, go on the attack, it’s not like she was being supportive or anything. Anybody who’s ever had, or is going to, help you should suffer for their horrible crimes.

        THIS behavior is why people hate you.

    1. You sound like as much of a psycho cunt as this Pu bitch. I hope every one of these comments keeps her stewing in shit on her birthday.

    2. I feel like a lot of butt hurt rejected men, who can’t handle how you gave a rebuttal, are the ones who are commenting on here and flooding your blog.

      That was one of the smoothest nicest rejections ever. Better leave the train wreck Quin Woodward Pu now and have this happen, than to stick with her and end up dead by the side of the road.

  65. A gun rack. You bought me… a gun rack. I don’t have a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I going to do… with a gun rack?

  66. Seeing this post on Facebook from you in my feed intrigued me so I clicked through and read your story (and then unfriended you). We weren’t really friends anyway, more like the single serving kind when you meet someone once at a party and add them. Usually a lurker rather than poster I couldn’t help but come back after stewing on this for a bit to actually comment on it. The fact is this guy was honest with you and did so in a way that wasn’t harsh or insensitive. Responding the way you did through text, sending pics to his employers, and making this post clearly shows he got under your skin in a big way and points out real immaturity or some major insecurities (probably both). Yeah it stings to get rejected but anyone with real self-confidence would have blown it off. Checking out your site even further and looking at your book descriptions its apparent you’ve got some extreme narcism in your life. I hope with age you learn some class.

  67. What nerve, that guy sounds like a fool for turning down such a fine, rubenesque young lady as yourself. He obviously knows he doesn’t have the proper equipment for a strong healthy dime piece like yourself.

    Was he Asian? There’s no way you’re dating Asian guys. Gotta get yourself a man with the right mushroom tip for the job, and you know what I mean about that.

    I got something protein packed and paleo-approved for your pupu platter. East meets West Combo 69 right here for you.

  68. Move on. It was two dates. It’s hardly like it was official you guys were together. Better he told you now that it wasn’t working than years down the road. Making these texts public just makes you look pathetic.

  69. Everyone, allow me to use my hamster translator on this thing. Everything that’s being said is not quite what it appears.
    Translation marked by ****
    There are very few times I use this blog as a personal sounding board ***I always use this blog as my sounding board***.

    It’s now my 26th birthday, and despite my general distaste for “today I went to Whole Foods and then made a protein-packed paleo Pinterest-procured pizza” writer-driven life posts, this is just something I had to share, if only for other comfortably single women in their 20s. ***I feel that my birthday means I have some special privilege to do whatever I want……drivel about sounding board blog entries…I’m so bad at being rejected I want sympathy and want to hurt the man that did it any way possible*****

    It all started two weeks ago, when I met some rando at a bar. ***I’m a fat slob in a bar and I think words like “rando” are cool***

    He was friendly enough, but annoyingly and sloppily drunk, which is why I offered my email address when he asked for my number. ***He had on major beer googles, which I realized was my big chance to push my email on him***

    We emailed later that weekend, and I met up for a few drinks, which eventually turned to dinner, and then champagne. We had relatively good chemistry, but then, I kinda have chemistry with pretty much everyone, because I really like talking to people and winning over complete strangers. ***I emailed him my number the second he sent me a message and THAT NIGHT we met for drinks, and ordered nachos with everything on it at the bar (my fave!) before I could get him drunk enough to get over my fatness and invite me back to his place for champagne. I could tell he was drunk enough to want to have sex, since I’ve developed a 6th sense about how drunk guys need to be to want to fuck me, and I could tell that since I’ve “won over complete strangers” just like the people in the comments section of this very entry, It was on!****

    We had dinner the following weekend (as in, two days ago), and it was equally fun. I invited him to my birthday party, which I’m holding this weekend for my closest 125 friends. ***He stopped by my place for a quick booty call and when he was leaving after 30 minutes from his initial arrival, I made sure to tell him about my birthday party that only 12 people will actually turn out for (including my parents and cats)***

    He wouldn’t be in town, so he scheduled a weekend in Virginia wine country the following weekend. It seemed a bit much, but I agreed to a singular day trip. When we parted that day, I didn’t think much of anything. In fact, I actually headed out to a bar to meet up with a former lover from 2012, with whom I may or may not entertain a few exchanges here and there. #timesbeing. ***He blew me off with some half hearted excuse and made some vague reference to a winery I said I’d always wanted to go to. I was thrilled to think we would go! I went to the bar by myself after sending a mass text to the 6 guys that have pumped and dumped me in the past 12 months, none every respond but it’s worth a shot you know #timesbeing***

    So imagine my surprise–which quickly turned to fury–when I received the following text out of the blue yesterday. ***I completely lost my shit and started fretting and walking back and forth furiously for hours***

    FYI I have done absolutely no editing on this conversation; the previous dialogue is from Saturday night when he told me not to dress up (I haven’t dressed down since 2k5), and I jokingly asked if I shouldn’t wear my ball gown. ***I’m hoping everyone else can see all the things he implied rather than just taking things at face value, also he didn’t get my overthought joke about a gown and probably realized that might be a good time to break things off***

    I was stunned into paralysis. ***NOT AGAIN!!! I drover another one away!!!***

    I had no words–this never happens–and I just felt short of breath. ***Because I’m fat and a drunk slob, I tend to wheeze a lot anyway, but especially when I get rejected after I built up a whole life with this man in my mind***

    There were many things that pissed me off, but I was so flustered I couldn’t even articulate them. ***I’m an irrational person***

    Again, this is a serious problem for a writer and effusive communicator. ***I desperately want to be a writer and learn to communicate with people***

    I was still so agitated 10 hours later that I had to leave opera rehearsal early. ***It was actually 24 hours of sleepless tossing and turning and I just flaked on rehearsal***

    This is a serious no-no, given that opening night is Saturday at the Organization of American States. ***I do this a lot from being hungover and no one notices I’m not there anyway***

    Then I realized: I am on the eve of my 26th birthday. ***Waitaminute, Its my birthday! Mommy and Daddy told me I can have anything I want on my birthday!!!***

    Why am I stewing instead of just expressing what I really feel? ***I need a sounding board and because I’m hurting, someone ELSE MUST PAY***

    There is practically nothing to lose from just telling the truth. ***I keep telling myself this is the “truth”***

    So then it came. “And it came. And it came.” –(illicit tax-payer funded sext. Don’t worry, these have since been screenshotted to his superiors). ***I’m not sure how I feel about my over the top text, does it reek of insecurity? I hope my blog readers will make me feel better -(I sent a bunch of sext messages after our first night that he half heartedly responded to, I’d post them here but they make me look pathetic, I didn’t really send them to his employers)***

    Cheers to 26! And may I (and you, and your girlfriends, moms, grandmothers, daughters, etc.) never remain silent in the bombastic, outrageously chauvinistic face of an insecure man. *It’s my birthday! I can do whatever I want! And I’m hoping that other women are as fucked up as I am and will sympathize with me and tell me the lies I tell myself are true!***

    After all, only two months ago did a writer describe me as such when asked about my relationship status: “she blushes, giggling a bit. Translation: Ms. Woodward Pu is quite happy being single.” ***My imaginary friend is a writer and in this fantasy she wrote this about me***

    Damn straight. ***I’ve temporarily convinced myself that everyone will see things my way***

    1. “This is a serious no-no, given that opening night is Saturday at the Organization of American States. ***I do this a lot from being hungover and no one notices I’m not there anyway***”

      That was fucking brilliant. I want to gay marry you right now.

  70. me caveman, me no understand women’s rights. me barely able to use pc. but me know weeping song of lonely va-jay-jay. va-jay-jay sad, owner stupid and fat. va-jay-jay lonely. has worthless owner attached. va-jay-jay weeps.

  71. Kill yourself, you annoying, self-righteous, egotistical, cynical, overweight, feministic, waste of food and space. Your life means nothing to anyone, and you wonder why.
    I am so happy for the man that got away. He dodged the bullet with you. Also, I HIGHLY doubt that his employers received your images.
    too long; didn’t read version (so your little mind can comprehend it) kill yourself you stupid cunt.

  72. You have issues. Any normal feminist would find this both stupid, amusing, and a terrible representation of feminist values. He wasn’t being a jerk. He wasn’t thinking you’d be sobbing your way into oblivion. He just thought it’d be nice for him to do that. You know that? Being nice to others? Pretty much one of the most important and frequently mentioned social values in modern society.

  73. It is amazing how the MALES (not men) on this post resorted to juvenile jabs and insults. VERY MATURE!!!! I wish we could go back to a time where men acted like men not pubecent teenage girls!.

    Bottom line he blew her off, and she let him know the world does not revolve around him and she was not picking her china pattern (That is part of the wedding planning ritual for you who are ignorant of that) based on two dates with him. Bravo to her and I hope her birthday celebration was a blast!

    1. We could go back in time where men acted like men and not pubecent teenage girls? It’s happening right now from the text she recieved. Then Miss Poop got all stupid and came up with a flimsy excuse to justify her behaviour and posted athis. Either way, she is an idiot and so are you for supporting her

      1. Nailed it Broseph! The guy acted like a gentleman, wrote a very nice text, complimented her, and she flipped out like a spoiled brat on her birthday. Quin is a nutjob and anyone who agrees with her is certifiable as well.

    2. He blew her off in a very kind and gentle way. She didn’t have to even reply back to him and that would have been the end of it.

      But no, she gets him in trouble at work and goes on this long tirade about him. That’s being immature and selfish.

      1. Even IF he thought that the world revolved around him, which, there is no proof for and considering he is raising a child alone, I highly DOUBT…

        What she said was the OPPOSITE of “showing him” You know what WOULD have “shown him”…a display of disregard. An “Okiedoke! Have a nice life. :)” Because he DOESN’T matter to her. Her tantrum however proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how much Quinny DID put him on a pedestal.

    3. You will never be happy and find someone that loves you if you think that’s the right course of action to take.

      That’s why I’m gay master race. Women are far too emotional when it comes to decision making and anything else. I can’t stand 95% of them.

    4. Bottom line is..she is reading into something that isn’t there. He was just honest and cray women seem to think that means he blew her off hahahahaaha SO IF HE DOESN’T GENUINELY LIKE HER HE SHOULD SHUT HIS MOUTH AND KEEP GOING ON DATES?????? ALL OF MY WHATTRTWEDATFASFa

        1. No joke, that’s a Spanks figure.

          Spanks being “foundation” garments for women that more or less hug the body and give a girl a “slimmer” profile. The reality is it’s not at all hard to tell when a woman is wearing one; either in touching her on the waist or in a photograph. In almost all these photos, she’s wearing them.

          There’s no shame in wearing foundation garments, at all.


    5. Brown Betty wants to go back to a time where men acted like men, popping women in the jaw when they posted garbage like this post. Birthday party is this weekend, toots, and it’s just her closest 125 friends. Guess you weren’t invited.

    6. Yeah, the strong feminists that need no man in their lives, lose their shit when they get dumped politely after two dates, because they thought that they would be forever with the guy. Yeah, the strong feminist who needs no man, tries to get him fired and the consequences of that, which are a daughter would get poor and hungry and maybe lose her father and her home, where totally known to her. So, the strong feminist tries to get a man fired because her ego was broken because she didn’t have the chance to dump him first. And then, her strong feminist friend actually approves her actions because she read his polite comment as “patriarchy (the abstract notion of men in the glass ceiling ruling the world, but fuck the glass bottom which is full of poor and homeless men because those do not suit our feminist agenda). How dare he brake up with you? But of course you are a strong and independent woman, you will not make a scene right? you are mature enough to accept the fact that all relationships (this was not even a relationship) end, just like everything else (even our lives)?

      1. FYI, I’m not a strong feminist; I’m a middle aged man. The guy tried to play games with her; I’ve seen it hundreds of times. He sent unsolicited sex messages from a company phone, if he gets fired for it, it’s his own doing.

      2. I think it’s more that she doesn’t like being the rejected one, but that she’d prefer the one hurting people. Girls like her, dating and relationships are a power trip, and if he breaks up with her, she doesn’t get to exert power over him. Now, she’s exerting power by going all psychotic stalker on him, retaliating by attempting to cost him his job.

        Man, he’s lucky he got out of there before she went and boiled his family pets. #bunnyboiler

  74. It’s women like you that ruin mens opinions of women because we only ever hear about the bad ones.

    Imagine you’re someone else and you read what you wrote to him, and imagine he was your friend or brother. What would you think of the girl in the text? You’d think she’s a psychopath and he narrowly dodged a bullet, and you’d be right.

    You’re also fat, you should do something about that because it’s not healthy.

  75. Jesus fuck me christ stop wearing those weird little dresses, you need something to make your body look longer not shorter!

  76. Here’s a note from a guy who received a message like this once upon a time, Ms. Pu.

    I think we’re probably good to go. The fact that you have your own condo, your own life, and a social blog centered around being a crazy single female in the middle of a town known for women whose entire life centers around non-essential functions (IE, galas, benefits, etc) is perfectly fine.

    It’s just not for me.

    It’s not that I don’t find you attractive. I’ve dated many women I initially found attractive, then realized I was more interested in her “exoticness”. I’ve found many women your age to be mature, intelligent, and capable of holding a conversation involving something other than the gossip column or what shoes someone was wearing at said function, but usually, they were capable of understanding when I wanted to talk about something else.

    It’s not that you’re not smart, or that you’ve written two books that read like a series of gossip columns condensed into two self-publishing debacles.

    It’s that if you felt so, so very confident in yourself and who you were, maybe you would have understood that I meant “dress down” because I didn’t want to have you show up to a t-shirt and jeans function blinged out to the nines. I like opera, I do. What I don’t like is your inability to listen. To comprehend. Or to pay attention to what you’re saying when it’s coming out of your mouth, or your fingers.

    Hey, maybe I shouldn’t have asked you out on a date. Maybe I shouldn’t have tipsily staggered over to your table, and given you my email address. Maybe I should have actually paid attention to you tapping your phone left and right during our dates. Maybe I should have checked to see what you did for a living, and maybe, after I realized that you were self-centered, self-involved, and out to play the wild woman about town character with her “sassy crew of female compatriots”, yes, I should have walked away. I should have done it with more class. I should have refrained from doing it on my phone using text, but as I have gathered, you’re quite comfortable smearing anything people say to you on your phone in the interests of “gossip” and blogging.

    But, hey. I tried to be nice. I tried to be pleasant, and I tried to explain to you, in short, that I don’t think you and I are going to work out. I had a good time on Saturday but in all honesty, you made me think there was something to worry about if I dated you. It looks like I was right.

    If I were going to write about this little incident, I’d probably throw in some telltale dirt. I’d throw it in my own little blog. I’d mention how, late at night, with me and you making out, finding the angles all wrong, awkward, the sex never lining up, your inability to move your body in anything resembling coordination, with the sudden comprehension through the red wine haze that I was trying to mate with a female version of a cubist painting or an opera diva – bad angles, a hideous posturing, and viciously calculated stances. I was trying to have sex with something that held together under the highest tension of Spanks, creaking corsetry, tautly wired underbras and a careful two hours’ worth of makeup and hairstyling before even attempting to move, and once stripped of even the most basic of that armor, the expectation was for me to do all the work, in its entirety. I’d mention how you barely moved, how you lay back and moved your head fractionally, as if you were still in Kodiak, the prettiest girl in the bar, instead of the girl who has suddenly realized that she doesn’t even rank on the top 20 list, and comes behind most of the bartenders (who aren’t even the same gender).

    I definitely shouldn’t have mentioned my daughter to you. I shouldn’t have talked about my life, and I guess the fact that the little text messages you sent to my employers are screenshots, and can be easily faked – as most gossip columnists who make their living by trashing other people’s lives and livings definitely know.

    That said, I have to say that if you are so very, very crushed by my realization that I made a mistake, that you have to write a single blog post, that you have to rant about me, my life, my request for a single date with a girl who didn’t have to pretend she wasn’t everything she left in smalltown Georgia, or my own daughter…

    …well. You spent four years getting an excessively expensive education, so you ought to recognize the quote, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”.

    For a more clear answer, if my single rejection of you, who you are, and the realization that I, a guy who was not only definitely older than you, but also had a more serious obligation to myself and my life, and what I was looking for in a relationship didn’t involve a trite partygirl whose most serious work conversation involves what someone was wearing to what society function, well, I’d say it’s got very little to do with my life, and far, far more to do with yours.

    In other words, Quin, I think you cried your eyes out over a quart of Ben and Jerry’s, then hit the gym for doubles on Monday to purge the consolation ice cream from your system. I think you bought yourself some new shoes or a new dress; maybe some MAC makeup, and then stormed around thinking of the best way to respond, publicly, to show how much of a strong, sassy, independent single female that you are.

    And it might have worked, had you not posted your flameout, your immature little post, and attempted to “snark” your way at my job. The problem is, Quin, you’re not Carrie from Sex and the City. You’re a smalltown Georgia girl by way of Alaska who tried like hell to shake off the red clay and the salmon to make it in the DC area. You’re not witty, and your writing is filled with cliche, hacks, and one-offs that read like a bad comedy sketch.

    But I want to say I did think you were smart, funny, and cool. I do. Everything that was presented to me at the bar, on our date, and everything else said you were a great girl. But underneath it, the Spanks, the red wine stains on the couch, the sloppiness, and the exhaustingly applied layers of makeup shone through.

    I regret texting you. I regret making sexts to you. But in all honesty, I regret that you felt so lonely, so threatened, and so afraid of being rejected that you found solace in making any and every excuse in the book to demand “respect”.

    So I should say that I thought you were smart, funny, and cool. Now I think you’re sad, lonely, and barely holding it together under a tough, alpha bitch veneer, a revamped True Life version of Sex and the City, and drowning any challenge to that fragile little illusion under Vermont ice cream and gallons of red wine.

    And now I just think of you that way. Awkward angles. Lights out to remove any hint of the supporting underwear or hosiery, and only when you come home at the latest hour possible, do I think of you as you are – a half-empty glass of red wine on the table beside the couch, a melting pint of ice cream, and heels in an awkward ying-yang comfiguration from where you released your aching feet.

    So to be truthful, I don’t find you sexy, or smart, or cool – I pity you. Because in only a few hours will you get up, layer on makeup and clothing, and you’ll go back out, convinced that because you wrote a post about a guy you barely know, you’ve vindicated your life, and what you do. Yet the entirety of your life’s work thus far has come down to this: a petty post by a jilted girl on a blog about the pettiest lives in the most vibrant, important city in the nation.

    I only wish you knew how utterly sad and pathetic that makes your life.

    So thanks, but no thanks, and I hope you find what you’re looking for. After all, you like men, don’t you?

    Anywhere else, that’d be an open admission. Here, it’s just you being a sassy, single girl in the city.

    1. As a quick note: I was this guy, once upon a time.

      I’m not THIS guy – as in, Ms. Quin’s erstwhile tipsy DC “I may have made a slight error in judgement” dateboy.

      But I was on the other side of this situation more than once, on the other side of the country, and all I can say is:

      Damn. I’m so glad I didn’t date either of those women for longer than the two single dates before the latent psychopathy kicked in.

      That said, I am happily married to a woman who not only gets me, but tolerates my ridiculousness, and has done so since the day we met.

      And, as a second note: I really do hope Quin finds someone that makes her happy. The problem is, I somehow doubt there’s going to be a long line of people queuing up to be treated this way – publicly on her blog, or not.

  77. You’re reaction, while a little steep for only a couple dates with the guy, was justified given your birthday. But to send the txt messages he sent you to his place of employment, regardless of it the phone is paid by them or not, is entirely unacceptable and, excuse my french, completely FUCKED UP. How can you expect to ever find love when a man will have to risk his job breaking up with you, and knowing this going into the relationship. I wouldn’t even take the chance. You need to relax.

  78. A filter is what you put in a coffee cup.

    It’s also what made what looks like nearly 5,000 people hit your blog and call you an idiot.

    Being 26 isn’t an excuse for you to act like a retarded monkey, hurling its feces about when it gets its banana taken away from it.

  79. So a guy lets you know that he isn’t interested after a couple of weeks (granted, it was through text but at least he didn’t lead you on) and that’s how you react? You think it’s appropriate to go after his job, belittle him and then be nasty about his daughter (I’m assuming that’s who the nine year old he has at home is) because he’s being honest about not being interested in you like that? Or is it because you read far too much into his use of the word ‘girl’, deciding to take the whole thing as an insult?

    You’re a foul person who still has a lot of growing up to do.

  80. The amount of privilege in this article disgusts me. You are a middle class, cishet, bigot and your very existence oppresses millions of trans* POCs.

  81. Seriously this is just bat-shit crazy and makes you out to be a gigantic cunt. Pretty fucking unacceptable behaviour from a grown up. As far as I can tell he did nothing wrong except for realise he wasn’t into you. So… I’m not big on flaming strangers on the net, but you’re an extremely shitty person.

  82. Quin,

    The verdict is clearly in regarding your actions and your decision to post them on a blog that also appears to be your “professional” one, so I won’t repeat what’s been said. However, you should also understand that you’ve drastically set back if not ruined any chance you may have had at a prosperous freelance writing career.

    I say this as a person whose job it is to review pitches for an online publication I won’t name here, but is one that, if you are younger than 40, you have definitely heard of and probably read at least once a month. Our unique hits/month number is usually around ten times the population of Washington, D.C.

    When I get a pitch from a new writer, I see what I can learn about the writer online. If you pitched us, I would be on this page or an archived version of it within two minutes of knowing your name.

    Your online presence shows that you lack kindness and decency (this post), and also have issues with honesty–for example, your claim to have read Ulysses “dozens of times” is completely unbelievable, and this is exactly the sort of embellishment that ruins journalist and memoirist careers.

    For these reasons, no matter how good your hypothetical pitch was, there is no chance I would ever pass it on to any section editor at our publication. If you want to believe I am some sort of outlier, so be it. But know that I passed this around to a few of my colleagues and their reaction mirrored–in a slightly less troll-like tone–some of the more enraged comments above. Our “Women” section editor’s jaw practically hit her desk and she was still shaking her head when I left her.

    And just to disabuse you of a notion that may or may not have entered your head over the last 24 hours, this is NOT the sort of publicity that will help you in any way.

    Character does not change overnight. You have a lot of work to do–that has nothing to do with writing–if you ever want this as a career. Good luck.

    1. Rich Moyer, you are brilliant. I’m surprised at the fact that no one on here has acknowledged this. But this is the most useful piece of feedback the author could receive.

  83. Hey assholes with the some odd 2 fucking responses or whatever it is. It was a legit response using software that I’ve never used. What does it matter? If you knew the answer, you should have responded to the text rather than be a complete fucking asshole on the page. Been around these parts 10x longer than you have and your kind, make me want to fucking puke. Good thing your pics aren’t up because if they were I’d fucking kick the living shit out every one of you if I EVER saw you at a show.

  84. That such BS actually bothers you is pathetic. If he was half the ass you claim he was (though he isn’t based on what you say here) all the better for avoiding getting more involved. You seem incredibly full of yourself, yet obviously you have low self-esteem if this bothers you so much, so I think its just an act. Go ahead and shove your privilege in everyone’s faces, it just shows how shallow you are. Who gives a flying fck if you own a condo? If you people like you for what you have rather than who you are, you must be a incredibly lonely and miserable person, and I pity you. My only advice would be to use all of that privilege and wealth (and yes, I mean ALL of it, not a pittance, and not other people’s money) to help others while living as simply as possible yourself, only then will you know who your true friends are. You know what you should be upset about in the world? Injustice. Poverty. Disease. Maybe use some of that cash to help just one of the hundreds of thousands of kids out there threatened by easily preventable diseases and/or without access to clean water actually see their 26th birthday.

    I really have to stop reading garbage like this, damn you imgur; you will make me lose my faith in humanity one of these days.

  85. Oh, and I am a real lawyer. I’ve also really done all of the following things:

    – Been in non-public areas of the White House
    – Produced papers that were put into the hands of the President
    – Had my picture taken with the President
    – Attended a private briefing with the First Lady
    – Sat in the President’s box at the Kennedy Center
    – Sat in the office chair of a well-known Presidential candidate
    – Had a private lunch with at least one Senator
    – Had lunch in the private Senate dining room
    – Been to a private party with two (different) Senators, and two political talk-show hosts
    – Had drinks with a (different) Senator in his chambers
    – Been told an off-color joke by a (different, and of course Republican) Senator
    – Represented three Members of Congress in communications with the public
    – Been one of four people in a meeting with the Mayor of a top-3 American city
    – Had drinks (and been at a Dead show) with the Deputy Mayor of a (different) top-3 American city
    – Been sought out as a source by one of the top reporters on cable news

    And all of that was over a decade ago, before I turned 24.

  86. I dated a girl just like you once — a sassy, fashion-obsessed, party girl bitch that thought the world owed her something because of her skewed perception of her own appearance and her rich daddy. You seem crazy. Maybe this dude read your blog and realized how narcissistic you are…but I’m sure he picked up on that in the first 5 minutes of talking to you. Girls like you are the kind that guys don’t want to date because it requires way too much energy to keep up with dealing with a girl who thinks she’s God’s gift to the male population. You are a booty call because it seems like the only time you are tolerable is when drunk. Especially since you aren’t even that attractive. A girl who is a perfect 10 could MAYBE get away with this, and even then most guys wouldn’t want to deal with her, but when you’re a 5 or a 6, you don’t stand a chance. “Happily single” is just a mask for “I can’t find a guy to tolerate my ‘fabulous life’ for more than a drunken, hazy weekend.”

  87. Last night my girlfriend came home earlier than she ever has and caught me, naked, watching porn, and stroking it with a mask and snorkel on.
    There’s not really much to say at that point. She walked right past me and went into the bedroom. I quickly turned the porn off, put on some pants, and took the mask and snorkel off. Five minuets later she came out of the bedroom and asked how my day was… it was like she didn’t just catch me throttling myself with a mask and snorkel on. The rest of the evening went as normal. We had baked chicken and green beans for dinner, and then watched the simpsons.
    I don’t really don’t know what else to say.

  88. Well the downside is that you’re incredibly defective and handle rejection with the temperament of a 15 year old girl. The upside is that you advertised this on the internet, so other men can spot the red flags and run before it’s too late.

  89. Kudos to the Man for being open and honest in his message. Not everyone is going to connect the way we hope and if someone isnt as into you as you are them, be happy they are honest and forth coming about it. No need to send a snarky reply boasting about your accomplishments. His message did not in any way say something negative about your character, just that he was on a different page. I wish more men would be like this, however many choose to disappear to avoid drama like this.

  90. Are you insane? You’re trying to get a man fired from his job because he broke up with you, in a fair, honest way?

    You need to see a therapist.

  91. you’re a fucking psycho. WOW, trying to ruin his career after a 20 hour stint that he tried to end politely (albeit through text). You’re a fucking horrible person and I hope you die alone and miserable you stupid cunt

  92. In all honesty, I don’t understand. I’m a 26 year old feminist and the one thing I see wrong with this is that he decided to text you instead of a more straight-forward form of communication to express himself. What about this is bothering you? And where is the need to involve his professional life in a random encounter? Am I missing something here?

  93. Well, I appreciate the opportunity you’re giving me Ms. Pu as the single sweetest scholar in this comment thread, to speak. Well, ladies and gentlemen we’re not here to indulge in fantasy but in philosophical and academic reality. America, America has become a second-rate SSRN power. Its citation deficit and its publication deficit are at nightmare proportions. Now, in the days of tenure-track when our country was a top academic power, there was accountability to the scholar. The Langdells, the Coases, the men that built this great academic empire, made sure of it because it was their scholarship at stake. Today, faculty has no stake in the scholarship! All together, these women reviewing your Amazon book have read less than three percent of all of its drivel. And where does Ms. Pu put her three page footnotes? Not in any peer reviewed journal! You own the scholarship. That’s right, you, the law review editors. And you are all being royally screwed over by these, these practitioners, with their conference rooms, their billable hours and flat fees, their CLEs and business development.

    Pu: This is an outrage! You’re out of line Leiter!

    Little Black Blog, Ms. Pu,Little Blag Blog has 5 different guests bloggers each producing over 200 hyperlinked cross-citations a year. Now, I have spent the last two months analyzing what all these hyperlinks do, and I still can’t figure it out. One thing I do know is that your blog lost 9 of its 10 subscribers last night, and I’ll bet that half of that was due to all the cross cites between these guest bloggers! The new law of evolution in academic America seems to be survival of the unhyperlinked. Well, in my book you either do it right or you get track changed. In the last seven law reviews that I’ve been involved with, there were 2.5 million footnotes which produced an as-printed total of 12 billion citations. Thank you. I am not a destroyer of law reviews. I am a liberator of them! The point is, ladies and gentleman, that scholarship, for lack of a better word, is good. Scholarship is right, scholarship works. Scholarship clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the philosophical spirit. Scholarship, in all of its forms; scholarship of life, of money, of love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And scholarship, you mark my words, will not only save Little Black Blog, but that other malfunctioning society rag called the USA. Thank you very much.

  94. My goodness. This Quinn person doesn’t have much self-esteem. Poor, stupid girl. And make no mistake. She proved herself to be a GIRL.

    I really wish that the feminist studies psychopaths would stop being each others Narcissus and water. It’s nothing but a circle-jerk.

    Seriously. Go off yourselves if your lives are so horrible. Leave everyone else alone. I’m a woman and I SWEAR this mentality does NOTHING but insult me everytime I hear such garbage. There are REAL things that could be addressed…but instead toddleresque fit throwing is all you do.

    You don’t want to be talked down to? Be someone who is WORTH seeing as an equal. You don’t want to be infantilized? Don’t act like a fucking infant.

    1. As a feminist studies psychopath who thinks OP was entitled and ridiculous, misogyny is a goddamn real thing to be addressed, and just because you’ve drunk sexist kool-aid and you happen to be a woman doesn’t mean you get to dictate my experience.

  95. Wow. I don’t think you proved anything to him here. I think you only helped him see what a bullet he dodged. That is some major butthurt, there.

  96. I can imagine what a girl would think about that last text message, if the tables were reversed. She would have thought – what an insecure defensive, needy jerk, that he had to follow up with such a long text, whining about me gracefully telling him that I am not interested.

  97. You’re crazy as fuck. So because he rejected you, you feel the need to attempt to ruin aspects of his life because he didn’t feel a connection with you? You have issues. Quit feeding your ego talking about how published two, more than likely, less than readable books and live in a discount condo. I hope posting this blog backfires on you and turns your career for the worst. He was even nice about saying he’s not interested and you still acted like a psycho. Seriously I have to ask, what the fuck were you thinking and what the fuck is wrong with you?

  98. This isn’t funny in the slightest. You aren’t being a witty, sarcastic, interesting person by responding to people like this. You are being cold, heartless, and completely taking things in the most negative light possible. If anything, your reaction shows you’ve been hurt in the past and are taking it out on this guy. The only person you will ever date when you treat people like this are shells of individuals that you can mold into doing whatever you want. Have fun with that, you’ll get bored and realize you’re alone even in a relationship. Psycho.

  99. You are batshit insane.

    Did you really think people were going to side with you on this?

    When looking for your “you go girl”s in the future, try to make sure you are in the right. You aren’t even on the same planet as “right” on this one.

    Oh, and can’t wait for your next story. Here’s an idea. “You are trudging through the rain trying to make it to an important appointment. A guy holds to door open for you. You kick him in the balls.” It would be hilarious.

  100. At 26 you’re way too old to be acting like this. You should be ashamed of yourself! Honestly! You were hooking up with other men anyway, so why were you so upset? I hope you have some good friends who can talk you down from doing such absurd things in the future! Jeez!

    1. I think this wretchedly pathetic blog post is better known as “too clever by half”. Just sayin’. I bet this blog dies a hot sweaty death before December. It certainly deserves it. Team Pu – time to pack it up and look for some real careers – this one just went supernova.

  101. The man tears in this comment thread are absolutely delicious. Keep crying, boys. “Waaah, a girl was mean to us! Waaah, we’re such nice guys, why are you such a crazy bitch?”

    Here’s a hint – if you’re going to go off on a girl and call her crazy, a bitch, a whore, a slut, “unhinged” or a little girl… you’re not as nice as you think you are.

    Please put your fedoras back on so we can spot you easier.

    1. nobody said anything about nice. We’re talking about this crazy bitch threatening to ruin a man’s livelihood for daring to break up with her.

    2. Please keep spewing your bullshit so we can keep our dicks away from you. Have fun clearing the cobwebs out of your vagina with that attitude lol

    3. LOL…no, darling, nobody is going to be crying over this chick any time soon, that is unless it’s tears of relief when she goes away, or maybe her parents crying when they pay her credit card bills again.

      Don’t worry about her though, she’ll be fine, she HAS A CONDO!

  102. It’s women like you that perpetuate the stereotype that all women are crazy.

    Only, in this instance, it’s true.

    Because, man, you are CRAZY.

    Stereotypes: 1 – Women: 0

    As well, to the women that are applauding this type of juvenile response: I’d revise my relationship/acceptable behavior standards if I were you. Your cats will only live so long. Then who will be there to keep you company? This silly girl? Me-ow.

    1. I’d also like to add this little tidbit from LBB’s mission statement:

      “Though a blog, LBB is not any of the following: personal diary, open forum for bad poetry, area to learn cheat codes. Take that ish to yourbloghere.blogspot.com.”

      So… Why is this obviously personal rant posted here?

      1. Very well said, I’m disgusted that a person(man or women) could be treated so disgustingly just because they took a chance on somebody and decided it was going no where. Needs to keep her ex lover around(why tell us) clearly insecure and hated having to accept that no… in fact the world is not in love with her.

  103. Did you send these texts back before or after you met up with your ex-lover? Talk about bat-shit insane. This guy dodged a ticking time bomb. Good on him for not winding up on the news murdered by a jealous, self-entitled 26 year old “author.”

  104. You overreacted like a complete psycho. He’s lucky to have gotten away this early on. Nice one star reviews on your 2 whole books, btw, and congrats on the condo, I can tell you two will be very happen together since you somehow think having one is all that matters.

  105. Your attitude is utterly disgusting and you show hallmark signs of someone with narcissistic personality disorder.

    You go on a few dates with a guy and he tells you that it’s not really going anywhere and you flip out needing to lash out and attempt to hurt him via sending messages to his boss, show how vapid you actually are by thinking writing a few trash books and having a condo somehow validate your worth as a human (tip: they don’t) then attempt to brag about it to people on your blog, whilst trying your best to convince everyone (mostly yourself) that you’re not destroyed because a man doesn’t worship the ground you walk on with your petty “I was seeing an ex anyway”.

    You bring up the semantics of him calling you a “girl” well maybe when you start acting like a woman you’d have some reason to believe you should be called one. In short he had a lucky escape and you’re probably going to go viral so everyone can see what a vindictive and poisonous person you can be, congratulations!

  106. You need help, and that’s ok. You are emotionally wounded (like most people are, including me) and are a danger to other people at this point in time. You reacted in a way that demonstrates exactly that. The way you wrote this and the text you shown us show clear signs of abandonment issues and a compulsive need to control other people (aka manipulative behaviour). If you do it unconsciously you can change yourself if put in the work. On the other hand, if you already see your manipulative and controlling ways as ego-congruent, you’ll rationalise your way out of putting in the work of self-healing, and will live a self destructive and misery spreading life till the day you die, with some intermittent rushes of dopamine along the way. Good luck in your journey towards self healing, hope it ends up happening. PS: you may also search in youtube for the name Pia Mellody, she can bring some light into what I’m trying to getting across to you here.

  107. Girl, the dude was not interested, he was polite and complimentary in declining the invitation to your birthday party. The type of tirade you gave should be reserved for a guy you have been dating for two years or broke off your engagement. You met him in a bar when he was drunk and went on two dates with him not quite a let’s get married moment.

    To the dudes with all the “c**t” “B****h comments you hastily posted on this post, you need to get a grip and a life. Based on your responses, maybe it is sorry excuses for men like you that merit these type of over the top responses from people like her.

  108. “winning over complete strangers.” — as I can tell from these comments, this is really is you’re stront suit! put a sock in it, psycho hose beast. you are a huge loser.

  109. Who throws their own birthday party? Funny.
    The real problem with dating is that people TEXT one another. Try picking up the phone and having a conversation. If you are going to break up with someone, have the decency to call them and let them know. If you are annoyed that they texted you a breakup – CALL them and tell them that it was inconsiderate, but thanks anyway.

  110. It is absolutely unbelievable how far back you have just taken normal, 26 year old women. If ANY woman reads this and thinks anything other than the fact that you are a a sociopath who is incapable of rejection, then I assure you, they will stay single forever, as I’m sure you will. I just hope the NORMAL women reading this don’t take an example from a PSYCHO like you.

    Enjoy the single life….

  111. You’re a cow, you really are a child trapped in your own fantasy world. It’s a shame you can’t pick yourself up and alter yourself, you’re behaviour is clearly not attractive to men. And sending his texts to his company, you’re a bitch.

  112. Funniest part about this is, he was trying to be nice letting her down and she went over the top, like all Asians do. A+ in school? WHY NOT A++!!!!

    Note: I bet those tits touch the bed when shes on her back. Never seen so much space before.

    Viva la Stool!

    1. Oh wait, people called you that already. And then you were defended by others. Cool. It’s just that, you truly come across as a childish little bitch with an unrealistic idea of who you think you are, versus who you are in reality. Normally I wouldn’t come to comment on things like this, but you’ve managed to cram a mass amount of idiocy into your blog post here.

  113. You are the definition of an obnoxious, stuck-up cunt. he obviously sensed this and bailed before he ended up in your web of cuntiness. Fuck you and fuck the dolts who cheered your petty little revenge scheme on.

  114. You sound like a crazy person. You went out once, wasn’t feeling it, and tried to spare your feelings, and you acted like a child throwing a tantrum in a toy store cuz she didn’t get what she wanted. You look like the fool by posting this.

  115. From all the comments I’ve read here, and on other sites. about 95% of both men and women think this Quin Woodward Pu is a total batshit crazy, stuck up, bitch. who is attempting to get a guy , that she just met fired, because he dumped her via text. Really? I’d be afraid to give you the news in person. He was probably smart enough to notice how freaking off your rocker you were and figured this would be safer. I really hope this comes back and blows up in your face you fucking nut job

  116. Your reaction was completely unwarranted, petty, and self-important. It reflects so poorly on you that it went viral.

    Maybe you’re of the opinion that all publicity is good publicity. This may create opportunities for you (you know the kind where people love to hate you because you’re inexplicably proud of your shameful behavior), but just remember: you’re now more famous for acting like a jerk than for anything else you’ve accomplished in your entire life. Great job!

  117. Enjoy reading your “two published books” in your “condo” alone for the rest of your life because I’ve never seen a more self absorbed bitch in my entire life. The most pathetic part is how proud of yourself you are for this. The only thing that makes me feel a little better is knowing how fucked in the head you are and how lucky this guy is to have gotten out early you insecure, narcissistic, fat, ugly cunt.

  118. Jesus it was two dates! I dated someone 4 dates before she told me she didnt think it was working. You know what I did. I became her friend instead!

    Get over yourself!

  119. The girl comes off very desperate, immature and insecure. I’m embarrassed for her. Hopefully this is a troll and not a real person. If it is real it might be time for this girl to delete her blog and get counseling

  120. Just because you wrote 2 shitty books and own a condo, doesn’t mean your life is perfect. Because, jeez, if you’re life WAS perfect, you wouldn’t be picking up men at a bar, fantasizing about having a serious relationship with them after 2 dates, and then when they don’t want to be with your bat-shit crazy ass, breaks ups with you via text message (which is completely normal and common after 2 casual dates), you go crazy and try to get him fired and send some lame response ALSO via text message trying to showboat all your life achievements. Sorry that someone sees through all your crazy bullshit and doesn’t want to be with you. You’re probably boring and contrite anyway. Life’s going to get really fun for you when you realize having a condo doesn’t make you safe from the world, that you may die alone, that you may date many men who lead you on longer than 2 dates and dump you or trick you into loving them. That’s when it’ll really hurt. You have a lot of learning to do, I suggest you man the fuck up and stop being such a crazy fucking bitch. You’re a horrible worthless person.

  121. I have a condo, hahaha. You are pathetic person. You must feel good about yourself after this. You went viral, everyone knows how bad of a person you are now, good luck with that in life.

  122. You’re obviously a certified lunatic. The reason he “let you down easy,” was he didn’t wanna end up in your freezer. Can’t imagine why you’re single!!

  123. Put it like this chunk chinga, blend the toxic soap out of water with stevia to make pureH20. Your body will transform into perfect health, lean and ripply. No shit, Rosanne Barr.

  124. a guy youve spent only 20 hours with says he doesnt want to get serious and you react by trying to get him fired & blasting him on a website…smh. There is nothing “outrageously chauvinistic” about a man saying their life is “in flux” and not wanting to get into something serious. In those 20 hours that you downplayed, you were impressed enough to allow him to sext you and you were probably impressed enough to drop your skirt and spread your legs which would explain why youre so hurt. You were a hoe, plain and simple. Got treated like a hoe and now are acting out like a crazy, scorned, hoe.


    1. Usually I’d feel sorry for the person on the receiving end of all this backlash, but in this case I hope she’s reading every single word.

  125. This has to be a spoof, right? It’s disturbing to think there are women out there my age who are this petty, vengeful, neurotic and self-absorbed. It’s almost enough to put a guy off dating completely…

  126. Serious question: why are you such a petty, mean and vindictive person? I mean does being nasty and obnoxious bring you pleasure, or is it merely part of the “young and don’t give a fuck” persona you’re trying to craft for yourself? It isn’t attractive, nor is it funny or interesting either. You went on TWO DATES with a guy, he politely told you he wasn’t interested and he even took the time to compliment your personality. Your response is to defame, annoy and pester him? Why? And why do you claim not to care when you so clearly DO care?

    Advice: Try to grow up and accept life’s little setbacks without tossing a giant pissy fit. Not everyone is obligated to swoon over your specialness. try living life as a nice person and perhaps someday you’ll end up with one.

  127. She knew this man for literally two weeks. That isn’t even real friendship level yet. I would not consider this to even be called a break-up. It sounds to me like he saw her in a bar one night and due to being buzzed, thought maybe she was worth a second look. Quin openly calls him sloppy and annoyingly drunk, so why did she give him her email address in the first place? She’s obsessive. She wants to make it look like she barely thought about him, that she’s worldly and busy and has a “lover” for the inane, lowly human desires such as physical affection. She is an independent woman, blah blah blah. So when she and this guy got together, he quickly realized that she was an absolute nightmare. Rather than risk hurting her feelings by dragging out the acquaintance (that is the only apt word for their “relationship”), he quickly cuts her loose in the most polite way he can manage. Note how he even compliments her. The text is friendly. It’s nice. It masks the truth that this woman is a petty, narcissistic psychopath and he is 100% positive she will never find love. He could have told her that. Instead he was nice. He told her this via text because look at how Quin reacted JUST TO A TEXT. Can you imagine if he would have broken up with her face to face? It would have been a veritable shit storm. Now this woman Quin, who claims to be happily single, does not respond to the situation with class and dignity. Instead, she emails sexting pictures to this man’s boss. Just because he doesn’t want to date her. What gives her the right to do something so absolutely hellish to another human being? He wasn’t mean to her. He didn’t lead her on. He went on a couple of dates, got to know her better, and realized she was not someone he wanted to spend more time with. So he ended things immediately rather than drag himself through a long and miserable relationship in which he would probably cheat on her and she would in turn burn his house down or some other wildly unequal punishment. Quin’s returning text to this man is supposed to make us admire her woman power. It does not. It shows that she is clinically insane. If all it takes to ruin her birthday is for a dude she barely knows to skip out on attending it, then how can her life be as great and fulfilling as she claims it is? P.S. Anyone can self-publish. It takes no talent whatsoever to self-publish. Boasting that you are 26 with two published books does not mean shit if you just took it to a vanity press. The fact that you published two memoirs about your own life, which does not sound remotely interesting, speaks volumes about the crippling level of narcissism you’ve attained.

    In summation: You cannot punish someone for not liking you. You do not justify ruining someone else’s career – or trying to ruin someone else’s career – just because you feel you have been wronged by them on a personal level. You reacted in a bizarrely childish way. You were vindictive. You may have destroyed this man’s business life, and subsequently his financial life, which affects every other aspect of his life. You punished a man you met two weeks ago because he doesn’t want a relationship with you. You deserve much worse than a break-up text. You deserve to be humiliated all over the Internet.

  128. You can’t seriously be proud of yourself right now, can you? In all honestly, I’d say this guy, and from now on, any guy who Googles your name after a barstool flirtation, is dodging a major bullet of cray.

  129. Wow, just wow. And here I thought I was acting crazy when I demanded my ex-fiance break up with me in person rather than over the phone.

    This guy’s boss isn’t going to punish him for sending a couple texts on his personal phone. He’s definitely not going to get in any trouble since it’s abundantly clear that *you are out of your fucking mind*. I thought about calling you mean and petty the way other people here have—and they’re not totally wrong—but I think the underlying factor is that YOU. ARE. CRAZY. You went on two dates and he very gently let you down, and you flew off the handle. You are an insane person. Please get help.