ICYMI: Quin on Bethenny


18 thoughts on “ICYMI: Quin on Bethenny

  1. Ha ‘it’s so high school’, just about sums it up, its not about being an adult, it’s like behaving like a spoilt kid., Why go on TV to be humiliated yet again, does this woman have no shame?
    She’s thinking .. oh I’m on TV, we are thinking it is starting to get very sad, she will never work again.

  2. I think Bethenny treated you like crap. I support you 100 percent. It just proves that more people should stand up for themselves. That guy was an ass, and Bethenny was extremely close. I am getting to not like her so much. Oh well, good for you. Stand up for yourself!

  3. I don’t think you meant for this to be such a non big deal. I get you completely and he needed to save face in his own mind. As you we’ll know.He clearly uses this crap on lots of women and he finally met one who doesn’t take his bs. Good for you! As you get older you won’t bother to give men like this a response at all. You are only 25…men will tell you anything to sleep with you… If you look at it from a humorous perspective it will actually be (sadly)funny!

  4. I just watched the episode of Bethenny from my dvr. I love her and had never seen your blog before but I wanted to let you know that even I could see it wasn’t a “judgement free” zone. What you did was funny and there was nothing wrong about it. Bethenny wasn’t getting the main point that this guy didn’t “dump” you. You had already put the brakes on the relationship and he was trying to “save face” by making it seem like he was the one stopping things and it was annoying. I would have been annoyed too.

    1. Quin might have “pumped the brakes” but the guy put it in park and she’s pissed he beat her to the punch. Quin, you too treat people badly. Get over yourself, get a life, and move on.

  5. Oh my God Pu-Face! Stop digging yourself into a deeper and deeper pit! Come on… you stumbled… you grappled… you malaproposed. But I must say that there is an element of schadenfreude as we follow your weird and wacky path to complete and utter self-destruction. You’re funny Pu (in a ‘sad clown’ kinda way).

  6. Oh, dear–in your “about” section–the word is “connaisseuse” not connaisseusse, as you have it. Might want to fix that.

  7. So you finally admit that you’re psycho! And you “write for a hyperbolic crowd”? What crowd? People don’t enjoy you or your “writing.” Just go away already.

  8. Just happened to flick on the TV in New Zealand and I see this moronic idiot making out like she was in the right. America you must be so embarrassed to have clowns like this around. This guy did the best thing dropping you by text because you really don’t deserve anything more. in fact you are lucky he even bothered with the text.

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