Night on the Waterfront with Sumeria

Photo credit Sumeria Group. See the full album here.


It was a Georgetown Friday night as usual as some of the city’s best dressed young professionals headed to Sequoia to celebrate Sumeria Group, a New York-based organization that is beginning to colonize in DC.

Sumeria Group helps nonprofits, startups, and other emerging brands connect with talented young professionals through customized social events. Sumeria forms groups of young professionals and matches them with their clients to collectively host events for their benefit. At this particular event, Dreams for Kids, The Carver Project, The Madison, Touching Heart, New Hope Housing, and Suited for Change were the nonprofit beneficiaries. MyGradPad, SquadUp, and Uber were sponsors.

As the metaphorical bridge connecting young professionals to each other and social opportunities, Sumeria Group was named after the Ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia who were credited as the inventors of the first “arch bridge.”

Held at the Georgetown Waterfront, the party drew a crowd that was part Washington, part NYC as many of the organization’s founders and their cohorts headed to the District to help launch Sumeria’s presence here. An open bar and convivial atmosphere ensured plenty of friendly mixing between the well-heeled natives of both cities.

Founded in July of 2011 in New York, Sumeria has since grown to six different cities, bringing together over 25,000 young professionals for events while working with over 100 nonprofit, startup, and fortune 500 clients. Since its inception, Sumeria has helped its partners raise hundreds of thousands and connect with hundreds of volunteers. Sumeria’s social events include major galas, small wine tastings, boat cruises, brunches, happy hours and more – all while supporting great causes and companies.

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