Slice of Life with Food & Friends


Food & Friends is holding its annual Slice of Life Pie Selling Campaign, which funds nutritious, home-delivered meals and groceries to the critically ill in our community. Slice of Life is a simple and delicious way for members of the public to support Food & Friends’ large-scale effort to deliver more than 1 million healthy meals this year.

The goal this year is to sell 8,500 pies. Each pie purchased will provide ONE FULL DAY of MEALS for a Food & Friends client. Homemade Apple Pies, Spiced Pumpkin Pies, Oh So Sweet Potato Pies, Nutty Pecan Pies, and US Airways First Class Cherry Pies are available for purchase. Those who purchase the US Airways First Class Cherry Pie will receive one chance to win a $1,200 US Airways gift card. Donors may also purchase pies for a Food & Friends client that will be delivered with their holiday meal on Thanksgiving Day.

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