SwatchRoom Salon Party Weekend


SwatchRoom, ArtSee and Hierarchy to Collaborate on Three-Day “SwatchRoom Salon Party” to Highlight DC’s Most Captivating Artists


25+ Local Artists, from Painters and Photographers to Woodworkers and Potters, will be featured during this DC Art Extravaganza


SwatchRoom, the new Shaw-based creative design and fabrication studio, will host its first annual three-day SwatchRoom Salon Party March 7th through March 9th. Curated by ArtSee, an art event services agency, and hosted by Hierarchy, the newest event space by DC’s No Kings Collective, the celebration will showcase more than 35 local artists during three distinct events. The Salon Party will be accessible to all levels of art enthusiast, beginning with a showcase of affordable work from emerging artists and culminating in a private event featuring new collections from some of DC’s most sought-after artists.


Attendees must purchase tickets to the Friday and Saturday evening events, while Sunday’s brunch is invitation-only. Details on each can be found below.



2014 “SwatchRoom Salon Party” Schedule of Events


FRIDAY, March 7th: Introducing DC’s Best Emerging Artists

TIME: 7pm – 12am

PLACE: Hierarchy, 1841 Columbia Road, NW




To kickoff the Salon Party, a grouping of DC’s greatest emerging artists will be featured on Friday night. Each artist will display their latest work across all mediums: painting, photography, printmaking and more.


Featured Artists:


Fabiano Amin
Leah Appel
Carolyn Becker
Amy Hughes Braden
Patrick Burns
Ellie Deneroff
Dominique Fierro
Jeremy Flick
Barb Januszkiewicz
Donna K. McGee
Cory Oberbndorfer
Brian Petro
Cristina Steadman
Radio Sebastian
Fawna Xiao




SATURDAY, MARCH 8th: Celebrating the District’s Favorite Artists

TIME: 7pm – 12am

PLACE: Hierarchy, 1841 Columbia Road, NW



On Saturday night, collectors will have a preview to some of their favorite artists’ and designer’s newest collections. Attendees will also enjoy live painting, music, performances, and breakdancing by THE LAB DC.


Featured Artists & Designers:


Furniture & Home Goods

Carbon Vintage

James Kerns

McNamara Designs

Maggie O’Neill



Sophie Blake

Allison Priebe Brooks of QueenBee Designs



Gregg Deal

Jeremy Flick

Maggie O’Neill

Cory Orbendorfer

Karen Suderman

Martin Swift

Tariq Tucker



Chris Cooley



Dominique Fierro

Kate Warren


About SwatchRoom


Several people have asked, what exactly does SwatchRoom do?

We are an interiors, furniture, lighting, 3d art, and concept DESIGN firm that fabricates, finishes, curates, prototypes, and builds because we MAKE what we design.  The interdisciplinary nature of our business compels authentically custom results.


How was SwatchRoom born?

SwatchRoom is the brainchild of Maggie O’Neill and Warren Weixler, with over 20 years of combined experience in the creative industry. We truly believe that collaboration with creatives of all types, only makes the industry stronger. Our desire to collaborate provides a wider array of services, a much greater network of talent, and access to world’s best artisans and craftspeople.


When will SwatchRoom open?

Opening their doors to the public on April 1st, SwatchRoom is located at 1527 9th Street NW Washington, DC 20001.


About ArtSee


ArtSee is an agency providing services in art events and exhibitions, curation, marketing and personal and professional development for emerging artists. Our creative, focused and enthusiastic team helps to facilitate the promotion and increased exposure of art and artists through exhibitions, art event management and unique opportunities. ArtSee provides the opportunity for artists and art enthusiasts to discover news and events in the art world, exchange art and ideas, and promote art.  Our services assist our clients in achieving their professional goals, strive to connect the art community as a whole and facilitate the promotion of art and artists through exhibitions, communications and art events.


About Hierarchy


Hierarchy is a new special exhibition venue that will feature monthly artist exhibitions and weekly cultural programming. Hierarchy is the newest project of No Kinds Collective. It is produced in partnership with the Popal family, owners of Napoleon Bistro, Café Bonaparte and Malmainson.

Our sponsors include top local hand-crafted distillery Sloop Betty Vodka and Brewery, the Brewer’s Art.

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