Millennial Week Opening and Awards Reception

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Last night, at the opening reception of Millennial Week, four outstanding Millennials were given top honors for their influence on culture, entrepreneurship and social good. During a lively party at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery, awards were given to the people most dramatically shaping Washington, D.C., and the country at large, including:


  • Social Good – Darla Bunting, founder of First Book-DC, won for her work supplying schools and programs with books and the funds to buy books, as well as her role as capital director of Capital Cause, which trains teams to fund grants for local nonprofits.
  • Entrepreneurship – Jonas Singer and Cullen Gilchrist were honored as co-founders of Union Kitchen, which lowers the barriers for entry into the food business and helps change kitchen and restaurant spaces throughout the DC Metro.


  • Arts + Culture – Ariana Austin, founder of Art All Night: Nuit Blanche DC, won for organizing the mash-up of 20 venues, 50 visual artists, 11 cultural partners, and more than 15,000 attendees. She is the founder of the production agency French Thomas Creative, and her writings on travel, culture and foreign affairs have appeared in several major publications.


  • Millennial of the Year – Steven Olikara was honored for founding the Millennial Action Project, the country’s first national nonprofit organization dedicated to disrupting political gridlock with innovative, post-partisan Millennial leadership. Steven also organized the bipartisan Congressional Future Caucus, the nation’s first Millennial-led Congressional Caucus.


The reception kicked off with an energetic speech by restaurateur and philanthropist Andy Shallal, who spoke about how Generation X was revolutionary, but Generation Y is more solutionary.

Last night’s opening reception kicked off Millennial Week, a series of events focusing on the impact the Millennial generation is making on culture, enterprise and society. Millennial Week looks to cultivate, promote and present meaningful ideas and trends that reflect the impact of Millennials. Find a full listing of upcoming events


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