2014 Butterfly Bash

One of our favorite events every year, the 2014 Butterfly Bash did not disappoint.

Fair Chance improves the lives of children in DC’s most underserved communities by selecting promising youth-serving nonprofits and providing them with free comprehensive expertise in organizational management for up to two years. Their partnership model – up to 500 hours per nonprofit – results in stronger organizations and significant and lasting benefits for the children they serve. We provide our transformative services at no cost because the nonprofits we work with are critical to their communities and could not otherwise afford it.

The annual Butterfly Bash is a celebration of the work of Fair Chance. With highlights of the organization’s work from the previous year, along with forward-facing remarks from the non-profit’s leadership, the swanky gala is “feel good” in every sense of the word.

A lush open bar and multiple dinner buffet tables provided guests with sustenance–much needed resources given the hours of dancing that lasted late into the evening with the kicky Motown band that had guests on their feet all night.

Each year Fair Chance strategically selects ten promising youth-serving nonprofits through a rigorous vetting process. Once selected, we work with each partner to build a clear strategy, set priorities, and identify how to measure and increase their impact. Through weekly eight-hour coaching sessions (up to 350 hours in the first year), we work with each nonprofit’s leadership to develop a detailed work plan that prioritizes objectives and responsibilities within each of the eight core service areas. Every partnership is tailored to the needs of that specific organization.

Celebrity emcee Chris Cooley was hilarious. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was during his auctioning of an exotic Grand Cayman vacation, which he repeatedly referred to as the “Grand Canyon” package. Fortunately, guests opened their hearts and their wallets, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to support local-area non-profits.

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