3rd Annual Evening of Food, Fashion & Inspiration for Lolly’s Locks

Fashionistas came out to play last week during Lolly’s Locks Third Annual gala celebrating great style, innovative cuisine, and philanthropy. Held at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, this standout early Spring event is always a favorite because of its high-energy fashion show through one of the city’s most stately venues. The fashion show was sponsored by Bloomingdale’s and showcased wigs by Lolly’s Locks’ partner, Shevy Wigs.

Bethesda-based Lolly’s Locks works with wig-providers across the country to serve a diverse population of women because we know cancer has no boundaries. In just two years, we have provided wigs to over 250 women in 42 states. Hair loss is one of the most psychologically detrimental side-effects of cancer. When women lose their hair, they lose a part of their identity. High-quality wigs can cost thousands of dollars, and are typically not covered by insurance. In collaboration with our wig-providers, we seek to ensure that our recipients receive a wig that is stylized and personalized to them to make them maintain dignity, normalcy, and privacy in their lives despite the traumatic effects of cancer.

The event was chaired by Sindy Rogers and Monique Buckles, and emceed by political commentator and ABC News personality Cokie Roberts. The honored guest and speaker was Michelle Schoenfled, whose heartfelt remarks about her battle with cancer were inspirational and uplifting. She’s chronicling her journey in a soon-to-be-released book, Bittersweet. A mother of 2 and small business owner,

Michelle’s story was particularly poignant because of her relationship to Lolly’s Locks: She has been involved with Lolly’s Locks since the very beginning, and graciously agreed to chair the first two Lolly’s Locks events because of her charity circuit background. Then, in May 2013, Michelle was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. She started the blog Bittersweet as a way to share her journey and help others affected by cancer. Having worn a wig herself, she knows first-hand the importance of Lolly’s Locks’ mission

Guests swilled cocktails and enjoyed tastes from some of DC’s most notable chefs, including Chef Victor Albisu of Taco Bamba and Del Campo; Chef Jeff Black of Black’s Restaurant Group, Chef Anne Alfano of Little Red Fox; Chef Kumar Iyer of Rangoli; Chef Tiffany MacIsaac of Buttercream Bakeshop; Chef John Manolatos of Cashion’s Eat Place; Chef Jesse Miller of Bar Pilar; Chef Andrew Markert of Beuchert’s Saloon; Chef Brad Walker of Boundary Road.

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