iThai’s Benefit Night for Urban Light

Photo credit: PixofDC

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Georgetown restaurant iTHAI hosted the 2016 Benefit Night for Urban Light, honoring DC philanthropist Alezandra Russell. The intimate evening of friends and family raised $1000 towards empowering vulnerable male youth in Thailand.

Urban Light is dedicated to restoring, rebuilding and empowering the lives of young men–who are often forgotten about during the difficult coversations about trafficiking, abuse, and exploitation. Urban Light provides support to working youth who may be suffering drug and/or acute substance use disorders, living on the streets, or those who are at risk of being exploited sexually and for labor.

Guests of the celebratory evening enjoyed signature dishes like pineapple fried rice and mango sticky rice.  iTHAI, which serves fine Thai cuisine in both Georgetown and Tyson’s Corner locations, dedicated “Precentage Nights,” evenings where a percent of revenue benefits the local chain’s charity of choice.

To get involved with Urban Light, visit



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