2016 Dîner en Blanc

Dîner en Blanc (DEB), the pop-up dinner party celebrated around the world, drew another well-heeled, all-white-attired crowd in DC this year. Now its third year here, DEB sold out shortly after opening Phase 3 of its ticket sales, which are rolled out in waves to prioritize previous guests and members.

DEB works like this: guests wearing all-white clothing (ranging from sundresses to full tuxes with tails) meet at a pre-determined location with a group of other guests. Guests have the option to either bring a table, chairs, and dinner settings with them, or rent them from DEB. Additionally, guests can bring dinner themselves, or order the catered means from Dean & Deluca, who provided this year’s fête with a wide variety of options ranging from Mediterranean fare to cheese and pâté boards to chicken tenders with Southern fixings. Guests could also purchase wine from Apothic Wines or Champagne Lanson, sponsors of the evening’s libations.

The location of the pop-up dinner is kept a secret until the very last minute, when groups have gathered in their designated meeting spot. There, they traverse, either by foot or Metro, to the dinner location. This year’s event gathered 3500 guests and was held at the Henry Bacon Park on the National Mall.

The dinner party attracted an extremely diverse crowd. Though some Washingtonians cannot fathom the idea of paying for a dinner party where neither the food nor the tables are provided, many of the guests revelled in creating innovative white centerpieces and white-themed foods like white chocolate strawberries, white asparagus, and fettucine alfredo. Strangers made friends with their neighbors as they coupled tables with fellow guests, and the evening kicked off with the ceremonial white napkin wave toast. As dinner winded down, guests lit sparklers with new and old friends, and danced the night away with the live band. An after-party was held at Exile’s Bar.

According to its Facebook page, DEB is held in over 60 cities around the world including Paris, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Kigali, Haiti, Chicago, Philadelphia, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

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