We tried Sweatbox and lived to tell…barely


Note: SweatBox is now offering a special Holiday Challenge promotion through the end of December. Between now and December 31, anyone who purchases and completes ten classes by 12/31 wins ten classes for the whole month of January

According to a chalkboard sign outside of a DC bakery that I have not fact checked but will take very seriously, the average American gains seven (!) pounds during the holidays. In attempt to stave off some of the post-election holiday frenzy, we headed to SweatBox, Vida’s boutique fitness concept focused on cardiovascular endurance and building lean muscle mass, all while improving flexibility.

Located adjacent to Vida’s U Street location, SweatBox combines the nightclub vibe of its parent gym conglomerate, mixed with the intimacy and darkness of the well-known cycle classes offered around town. The SweatBox training method was conceived out of the scientific principles of Heart Rate Training. The result is a unique workout that combines aerobic and anaerobic intervals to achieve optimal performance levels within one 50-minute, high-intensity training period.

SweatBox already has quite a following. I was flanked by obvious “regulars” to the class, who had synched fitbit-like accounts that were live streamed to the glowing screens around the room that kept everyone motivated. The exercise bikes are equipped with Matrix IC7 Coach by Color technology and MYZONE heart rate monitors, which allow participants to gauge their workout level and vitals by color code.

The class, lead by Alexx, was difficult, but doable. The 50 minutes flew by, with partner workouts and a count-down timer keeping the energy high. The intense cross-training format makes for an experience that is never boring, while the “box” layout of the room allows participants to cheer one another on throughout the class.

Each session ranges from $29-$39 or $229 a month for unlimited classes. For more information or to sign up for a class visit http://www.sweatboxdc.com.

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