Sweatbox for Runners


We sent our intrepid fitness writer Rebecca to check out the Sweatbox for Runners class, which they’ve just unveiled at the U Street location. Here’s her review:

I loved:

  • Individual workout stations. They were comfortable and roomy enough to personalize your routine comfortably. You didn’t have to worry about hitting your neighbor (or looking like a sweaty monster).
  • Energetic music. Great variety that kept everyone motivated throughout the class.
  • The format. It’s an ideal workout for those who want a spin class with intense all body strength training. We worked all muscle groups, with a focus on maintaining good form.
  • The focus. We worked on maintaining speed at faster and faster paces to improve endurance and overall cardiovascular health.
  • The instructor! He provided individual adjustments, checked in with us frequently, and offered encouragement throughout the class. He was positive, upbeat, and had tailor-made suggestions for each of us.
  • The end. After an intense 75-minute class, which includes a thorough warm up and cool down, we were brought cooling towels. It was a refreshing reward for a solid sweat session.

At $30+ a class, it’s one of the more expensive fitness offerings. But, you get truly tailored assists, and special attention to stretching in the warm up and cool down due to the 75 minute length (vs. the usual hour only).

About SweatBox

The SweatBox training method originated in the scientific principles of Heart Rate Training, resulting in a unique workout experience based on the individual metrics of the user. SweatBox utilizes individual Heart Rate and Beats Per Minute (BPM) targets to deliver personalized training with quantifiable results and trackable performance metrics. SweatBox alternates between powerful blasts of cardio and strength exercises with periods of active recovery to obtain a targeted percentage of your maximum heart rate. With a limited class size, each participant receives the individual instruction needed for a technically superior workout, while maximizing gains and minimizing risk of injury.

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