Clinton will be in "The Hangover" sequel

Although Mel Gibson didn’t make the cut, former prez Bill Clinton (seen here with ?) will be making a cameo in “The Hangover II.” TMZ reported, “Bubba was spotted on the set in Thailand yesterday … where we’re told extra security was added for his presence. Our spies say they saw Bill walk on the set and were told by crew members he was filming a cameo. None of the people we spoke too, however, saw Bill actually step in front of the camera. Although some people associated with the flick have told us Bill just ‘hung out,’ we’ve now … Continue reading Clinton will be in "The Hangover" sequel

Responsible parenting at its best

Kylie Eastwood (aka winner of “Mom of the Year”) is being faced with the following charges after providing shots of “home brewed” liquor to her FIVE YEAR OLD: reckless conduct endangering serious injury and failing to protect a child from harm. According to news reports, the Australian mom cheered on her young binge-drinker-in-training as he downed four shots. In the midst of the toddler rage party, the boy’s father arrived at the home and confiscated the bottle, “into another room, but he soon heard Eastwood “woo-hooing” in the kitchen and discovered his son drinking more shots.” He just wanted to … Continue reading Responsible parenting at its best


I love that they put an Asian in the image. Via The Week: Why do smart kids grow up to be heavier drinkers? A pair of new studies suggests a correlation between intelligence and a thirst for alcohol. What’s the connection? More likely to tipple in the future? Photo: Corbis Don’t worry, all that excessive drinking is just a sign of your intelligence. According to two long-term studies — one American, one British —  there’s a correlation between smarts and a thirst for alcohol. The “more intelligent children in both studies grew up to drink alcohol more frequently and in … Continue reading I

Liquid genius: Protein vodka

From RadarOnline: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is capitalizing on his hard-partying Jersey Shore image by endorsing Devotion Vodka. “Mike loves it because he says you can keep your body in the best shape possible while being able to party at the same time,” a close friend of The Situation tells “He just signed with them over the weekend, and he’s really psyched about it.” Devotion vodka is described on their website as “the first and only vodka using casein [the predominant phosphoprotein that accounts for nearly 20% of proteins in cow milk and cheese] to smooth out the vodka … Continue reading Liquid genius: Protein vodka