Alexander McQueen takes life after grieving mother's death

The creative genius and designer of seriously experimental clothing known as Alexander McQueen was found dead in his London flat yesterday. He was 40. McQueen hanged himself and was known to be extremely distraught after the death of his mother weeks ago, in addition to the suicide of close friend Isabella Blow a few year earlier. McQueen had several stores across the globe, and was known for his innovative and cutting edge fashions that were as wonderful as costumes as they were haute couture. Continue reading Alexander McQueen takes life after grieving mother's death

Chain, chain, chain

  Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “l’homme est né libre et partout il est dans les chaînes”—“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” Never has this seemed truer than now, even in the fashion world. Earlier I wrote about the cage trend that has been popping up everywhere, which seems to stem from abridged personal freedoms. Basically the chain mail craze told the cage thing: “I’ll see your enclosure and raise you one head shackle.” On a model who makes Lady Guinevere look like an unglamorous and fat, Alexander McQueen threw on a graphic red dress over a studded-metal … Continue reading Chain, chain, chain

Peplums add femininity, formality to any ensemble

                      Earlier, I wrote about the dissolution of femininity in these financially trying times, when many women are returning to the workforce to supplement a dwindling household income. It seems the structured shoulder and warrioresque footwear, however, have met their match from certain designers not yet ready to see all that’s feminine and fair lose out to powerful and intimidation-causing clothing. In a trend that lost much popularity during the no curves, stick-thin craze of the last few decades, the peplum, which features twee little frills right around the hip and … Continue reading Peplums add femininity, formality to any ensemble