Pareos a nonpareil for beachwear

Enter the pareo, the Tahitian equivalent of the sarong (Southeast Asian) or beach wrap (good ole US of A), the most versatile way to incorporate some style into a seaside stroll. They can be worn as a skirt, dress, wrap, and plenty of shapes in between. Check out the handy guide outlining the many ways to wear this functional and fashionable item. Pareos are by nature exotic in their appeal, but getting one with a batiked design makes it look even more authentic. Batik is a technique of dyeing cloth, which results in an antiquey, cracked surface as a result of using wax and then wax resistant dyes for this fractured effect. While many domestically crafted pareos use a batik-inspired print, rather than using the actual, labor- and time-intensive method, the effect is still “native island girl” nonetheless.
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