Farmtastic Chanel goes eco

It’s Fashion Week in Paris, and the gold standard of fashion houses, Chanel, has finally jumped on the going green bandwagon. Automaton Karl Lagerfeld was programmed to say the following about the new line, “It’s Coco Ecolo, ecology can be chic. No? One can use natural fabrics and learn from nature.” The runway show was set in a mocked-up bucolic Normandy barn, with hay, ladders, and a wooden double C logo for the iconic brand. Lagerfeld used rustic materials like jute, linen, and the increasingly popular raffia, giving the normally stuffy Chanel lines som whimsy. He also played on Marie Antoinette’s legendary simple farm life … Continue reading Farmtastic Chanel goes eco

Bipolar shoes

Things aren’t always black or white. For some shoes, like these Chanel ones (above), they’re both. With today being the first of September, Labor Day rolling around in less than a week, and fall kicking off in 20 or so days, we are quite definitely in a period of transition. We’ve all used the cross-seasonal cardigans, but it seems the new look for shoes is decidedly on the fence about what color to be, resulting in these bipolar shoes that are at the same time easier to match to outfits, and harder. These heels, which often feature something neutral, like … Continue reading Bipolar shoes

Slate slated to heat things up for Winter 2009

With wintertime the usual season of unflattering puffy coats, static cling-inducing itchy wool hats, and all kinds of accessories to keep turkey and stuffing potbellies hidden, winter doesn’t generally seem the sexiest of seasons. However, leave it to designers to find a way to deliver sultry clothes even for the coldest of months. While black is a go-to for many outfits, its nice to see a movement towards the less commonplace and (slightly) more colorful gray, which has been spotted on runways in the form of dresses, tights, shoes, belts, and any other kind of garment or accessory that can … Continue reading Slate slated to heat things up for Winter 2009

Raising McCain

Although Senator McCain failed to clench the presidential nomination, his run for commander-in-chief thrust his daughter, Meghan, onto the national spotlight. Taking after her mother with her ultra peroxided locks, Meghan ran “The McCain Blogette,” which was basically a recounting of her experience on the campaign trail. We couldn’t help but notice, either, that she’s got some seriously awesome ensembles, too. Since the campaign, Meghan has gone about on her own endeavors, and bringing her rockin’ threads with her around the globe. Meghan’s got quite a voluptuous shape, and she likes to dress it in solids, especially black. She paired … Continue reading Raising McCain