Sneak peak at Worth Wear trunk show

I joined Susan Hammann Bernstein last night for an exclusive look at the W fall and winter collection. Pieces ranged from basic wardrobe staples in classic designs to luxe fashion-forward items to punctuate any closet. Worth Wear specializes in giving women the opportunity for personal business-based growth by offering collections of clothing that can be sold in a private residence. The company, which is just over 15 years old, has international private resellers.  Things to look for in the upcoming season from W include bright jewel tones in charmeusse, butter soft winter coats, and Victorian perfectly-fussy-and-proper blouses with ruffles, ribbons, … Continue reading Sneak peak at Worth Wear trunk show

Slate slated to heat things up for Winter 2009

With wintertime the usual season of unflattering puffy coats, static cling-inducing itchy wool hats, and all kinds of accessories to keep turkey and stuffing potbellies hidden, winter doesn’t generally seem the sexiest of seasons. However, leave it to designers to find a way to deliver sultry clothes even for the coldest of months. While black is a go-to for many outfits, its nice to see a movement towards the less commonplace and (slightly) more colorful gray, which has been spotted on runways in the form of dresses, tights, shoes, belts, and any other kind of garment or accessory that can … Continue reading Slate slated to heat things up for Winter 2009

Going native: tribal clothing makes a comeback

The new look for this summer is part primordial, part modern, and all tribal chic. Perhaps designers have taken to more bold looks to combat the waning economy, as these looks are certainly not for the faint of heart. Everything from fringes to borderline-dangerous spikes and grommets on accessories have made an appearance on the runway. Check out John Galliano for Dior’s take on the tribal look in stilettos: measurable with a meter stick, these treacherous numbers feature heels made of carved fertility goddess figurines. No word yet on how effective they are. Continue reading Going native: tribal clothing makes a comeback

Repurposing last year's styles

What was in last year? Can you even remember any trends pre-rompers, ankle boots, gladiator sandals, or peg legged? As styles seem to be getting more and more bizarre, it’s a good idea to take a step back and find a way to update looks from a previous season. Obviously a great money-saving tactic, taking advantage of firmly established fads and sprucing them up a bit with some modern items is a great way to get plenty of mileage out your wardrobe in this down economy. Take a look at the 2009 take on these 2008 (and previous years’) hot items: Continue reading Repurposing last year's styles

Summer styles in full bloom

As the fabulous Anna Wintour-inspired character Miranda Priestly sarcastically snorts in The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Yet althought the concept of flowers for Spring and Summer trends is nearly trite with symbols of rebirth, growth, renewal, blah blah blah, designers these days are finding a way to bring an unexpected twist to floral designs on the runaway, making them–dare I say it–groundbreaking. These certainly aren’t your grandmother’s florals. Continue reading Summer styles in full bloom

Sugary fashions decorate the runway of Sweet Charity Fashion Show

The Heart of America Foundation hosted its eighth annual Sweet Charity Gala at the swanky Mandarin Oriental hotel. This sugary benefit featured dozens of local area chefs, who served up everything from candied confections to fresh scallops and citrus jicama salad. The fashion show was just icing on the cake, with delectable marzipans and bonbons spangling stylish outfits for both men and women. Continue reading Sugary fashions decorate the runway of Sweet Charity Fashion Show