Christmas in July

We’ve got another half of the year before we start hunting for Christmas trees, but the government does things a bit differently. The superintendent of the US Capitol grounds flew out to Wyoming over the weekend to pick the perfect Christmas tree from Bridger-Teton National Forest. Don’t worry, you paid for the private jet and luxury accommodations. There were 23 potential trees, which went to 10, but slowly each was eliminated under the perfect contestant was determined. Number 7 didn’t get enough spray tan, while number 4 obviously wasn’t watching its photosynthesis this year, that glutton. The winner? A 67-foot … Continue reading Christmas in July

Euro judge: Green views tantamount to religious views

Tim Nicholson, a self-proclaimed “green martyr” from across the pond, has just won some serious street cred among the environmentalist crowd. After claiming he was fired for expressing his die-hard eco0friendly views, a judge ruled in favor of Nicholson, charging that bosses should have respected his environmental beliefs the same as they would respect a religious belief (?!). Public Affairs for Grainger, the company for which Nicholson worked, released the following statement, “Mr Nicholson’s redundancy was driven solely by the operational needs of the company during a period of extraordinary market turbulence, which also required other structural changes to be … Continue reading Euro judge: Green views tantamount to religious views

Farmtastic Chanel goes eco

It’s Fashion Week in Paris, and the gold standard of fashion houses, Chanel, has finally jumped on the going green bandwagon. Automaton Karl Lagerfeld was programmed to say the following about the new line, “It’s Coco Ecolo, ecology can be chic. No? One can use natural fabrics and learn from nature.” The runway show was set in a mocked-up bucolic Normandy barn, with hay, ladders, and a wooden double C logo for the iconic brand. Lagerfeld used rustic materials like jute, linen, and the increasingly popular raffia, giving the normally stuffy Chanel lines som whimsy. He also played on Marie Antoinette’s legendary simple farm life … Continue reading Farmtastic Chanel goes eco