Chain, chain, chain

  Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “l’homme est né libre et partout il est dans les chaînes”—“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” Never has this seemed truer than now, even in the fashion world. Earlier I wrote about the cage trend that has been popping up everywhere, which seems to stem from abridged personal freedoms. Basically the chain mail craze told the cage thing: “I’ll see your enclosure and raise you one head shackle.” On a model who makes Lady Guinevere look like an unglamorous and fat, Alexander McQueen threw on a graphic red dress over a studded-metal … Continue reading Chain, chain, chain

A change in structure

While “change” continues to advance/plague our country’s future, designers are finding ways to keep their couture lines fresh. Who can blame them for their increasingly bizarre designs? The economy is tanking, meaning people will be cutting out luxury items like thousand dollar blouses and runway dresses with a price tag to rival the average family’s mortgage. As the USD continues to sink in value, many stay-at-home mothers have begun to take up part-time jobs, such as sales representative at Talbots or cashiers at Target, to help keep up the income into the household. Such an occurrence marks a reversal in … Continue reading A change in structure