Flu fashions

While some are lashing out with ridiculous ways to control swine flu, others are taking to the cloth to make a seemingly apocalyptic crisis somewhat fashionable. Check out French designer Romain Kremer’s turtleneck-gone-hygienic creation that was strutted down the runway during Barcelona Fashion Week.   There’s also this really sexual Louis Vuitton monogrammed face mask, which is apparently meant to be worn during a session of couture tennis. Like most LV items, however, it’s really just a way to say “I’ve got thousands of dollars to throw away on designer labels and want everyone to know it.” What better way … Continue reading Flu fashions

Going native: tribal clothing makes a comeback

The new look for this summer is part primordial, part modern, and all tribal chic. Perhaps designers have taken to more bold looks to combat the waning economy, as these looks are certainly not for the faint of heart. Everything from fringes to borderline-dangerous spikes and grommets on accessories have made an appearance on the runway. Check out John Galliano for Dior’s take on the tribal look in stilettos: measurable with a meter stick, these treacherous numbers feature heels made of carved fertility goddess figurines. No word yet on how effective they are. Continue reading Going native: tribal clothing makes a comeback