Actress/publicist’s worst nightmare Megan Fox got engaged to 90’s has-been Brian Austin Green awhile ago, and was apparently so excited by his proposal that she threw her arms up in surprise, knocking the dinky 2 karat diamond into the infinite miles of sand of Santa Monica. The only solution? To buy herself a much bigger ring: She should “lose” her broke hubby’s jewelry more often. Continue reading

Serpentine jewelry snaking around wrists, waists, and wallets

Call it “fall of man” fashions, but the serpent has been making for some seriously lethal new looks for the upcoming season. Back in the times of Adam and Eve, everything was much simpler: all you had to do was pick out your favorite fig leaf and you’d have your outfit for the day. In post-Lapsarian 2009, we are shamelessly flashing this symbolically sinister snake around as a new way to flaunt our status and wealth. With our current economic crisis showing no letting up in the near future, the government has taken to the taxpayer wallet to float unnecessary … Continue reading Serpentine jewelry snaking around wrists, waists, and wallets

Toga, toga, toga!

With summer in full swing, we’re all looking for ways to wear lighter, airier clothing to stay cooler. Problem is, it’s tough to balance the need for less clothing and the aim for appropriate, fashionable styles. The perfect way to meet both these criteria? Take some advice from the Greeks, of course. Not only were they fantastic mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers, but also way ahead of their time fashion-wise. There’s nothing sexier than a little skin, and togas are the perfect combination of tastefulness and summertime style. Continue reading Toga, toga, toga!