Classy Kanye mic-rapes Taylor Swift

In a move that could only be expected from someone intelligent enough to scream out “George W. Bush hates black people” during a bipartisan effort to raise money for Katrina victims, Kanye West’s ego is back in the game stealing microphones and writing in all caps on his blog again. Last night, God’s Gift to Louis Vuitton was seen swigging Hennessey on the red carpet like an 18 year old boy at his first frat party before the MTV Video Music Awards commenced. Accompanied by his super sophisticated-looking on again/off againer Amber Rose, Kanye sported crop circles on his head, … Continue reading Classy Kanye mic-rapes Taylor Swift

Peplums add femininity, formality to any ensemble

                      Earlier, I wrote about the dissolution of femininity in these financially trying times, when many women are returning to the workforce to supplement a dwindling household income. It seems the structured shoulder and warrioresque footwear, however, have met their match from certain designers not yet ready to see all that’s feminine and fair lose out to powerful and intimidation-causing clothing. In a trend that lost much popularity during the no curves, stick-thin craze of the last few decades, the peplum, which features twee little frills right around the hip and … Continue reading Peplums add femininity, formality to any ensemble