Stepford House blythe

As colleagues played Solitaire and other meaningful computer games, Connecticut House Democrats snuck a ridiculous bill to tax the crap out of anyone successful in the notoriously snobby state. Repbulican governor Jodi Rell is going to allow the bill to pass without her signature. She had already slashed $8.3 million dollars in pork, which included a $1 million dollar program (!) that would teach senior citizens how to not slip on rugs, though she could have very easily let that part slide, as death panels will soon be instructing them how to do just that once they develop a problematic … Continue reading Stepford House blythe

Pulte Does Politics: Congress goes to play during recess

Pulte Does Politics is written by Lauren Pulte. For many of us, memories of recess consists of swing sets and hopscotch. Maybe some flag football for the boys and the occasional study session for the class nerd, but ultimately, the daily relief from reading, writing and arithmetic is just another snapshot of our childhood. However if you’re a member of congress, it’s just part of the job description. Currently in the midst of their August recess, lawmakers have found themselves in a real-life game of healthcare jump rope. Despite remarks from Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) promising to keep the House … Continue reading Pulte Does Politics: Congress goes to play during recess