Chain, chain, chain

  Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “l’homme est né libre et partout il est dans les chaînes”—“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” Never has this seemed truer than now, even in the fashion world. Earlier I wrote about the cage trend that has been popping up everywhere, which seems to stem from abridged personal freedoms. Basically the chain mail craze told the cage thing: “I’ll see your enclosure and raise you one head shackle.” On a model who makes Lady Guinevere look like an unglamorous and fat, Alexander McQueen threw on a graphic red dress over a studded-metal … Continue reading Chain, chain, chain

Q&A with Paul Wharton

I joined the illustrious Paul Wharton, the self-described fashion, beauty, and lifestyle enthusiast and television personality, at his swanky condo in DC for an evening of luminous chatter and frivolity. With his cheerful entourage of Jessica, Miss Teen DC and Paul’s newest intern, and Emilia, the assistant, we popped champagne and let the good times roll. qwp: Who’s your favorite designer? PW: Roberto Cavalli, because when there was no recession and I could buy anything, I bought a ton of it, and if my weight is right, I can wear it. His clothes are the most eccentric with the most … Continue reading Q&A with Paul Wharton