End of summer sale items worth your money

With the summer peak nearing and the month of August—home of school start days, final vacation hurrahs, and the last of the formidable humidity and heat—just around the corner, it’s hard to get excited about the impending cooler months filled with work, chilly days, and fewer excuses for day drinking. However, end of season sales, which will surely be hitting customers even earlier this year thanks to the poor economic climate, are at least one thing to look forward to as the days continue to get shorter. But as more and more people need to start pinching pennies, functionality and versatility are key criteria to keep in mind as we hit the racks. While final summer sales have plenty of great deals to offer, here are a few select items you should spend your money on at the clearance rack in retail stores: Continue reading End of summer sale items worth your money

Why buy boutique when the economy is so bad?

With the tanking economy and no relief or reversal in sight, people are being forced to cut out some luxuries that they could previously afford. While boutique clothing can be pricey and, admittedly, frivolous, specialty clothing stores serve an important function in our recession stricken community. While this may seem counter intuitive, there are many benefits to spending a little more money on a few higher end garments that make boutique clothing a better purchase than mass produced discount retail stores. Continue reading Why buy boutique when the economy is so bad?