Cocktails for a Cause

RED CARPET PACKAGES INCLUDE: General Admission $55 6:30pm Pre Reception at MATE 3101 K Street NW Washington, DC  20007 Open Bar provided by Skyy Vodka VIP Admission $105 6:30pm VIP Reception at the RITZ CARLTON GEORGETOWN 3100 South Street, NW Washington, DC  20007 Open Bar provided by Moet & Chandon and Belvedere Vodka • Swag Bags A portion of the proceeds to benefit Labels for Love Continue reading Cocktails for a Cause

Miley Cyrus and underage Sex and the City

I’m not sure what kind of publicity stunt this is, but here’s a statutory-primed combo of ideals: Disney, Sex and the City, a goth spiked choker necklace, couture, and philanthropies. Miley will apparently be doing a scene for the second movie, which has been filming for several months. I am also confused by the mountain boots, Kim Cattrall’s age, and why Swarovski allowed this event to happen, but I guess I’ll just have to wait for the second movie to come. I’ll even buy Miley the tickets, since she’s definitely way too young to buy R-rated movie passes. Can’t wait … Continue reading Miley Cyrus and underage Sex and the City

Kim Cattrall in SATC II: Cougarlicious and I don't hate it

Maintaining her position as the sexy cougar in Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha has been seen shooting for the upcoming movie in clothing to rival some underwear in tightness and minimalism. After her brief stint with overeating in the first Sex and the City movie, it’s good to see writers won’t be able to depend on such ridiculous and flimsy problems to cover up the fact that Carrie is setting a bad example in allowing Big to hold all the cards in their relationship. Not that I’m bitter about it.   Continue reading Kim Cattrall in SATC II: Cougarlicious and I don't hate it

Terrifying: more SATC II pictures

                                    In a shoot for what I can only desperately, desperately, hope is a flashback scene, here is SJP wearing the local clown’s wig and my fat ex-boyfriend’s old sweatshirt. That’s weird, because when I wear it to the gym, I don’t usually wear my Mikimotos and questionably-okay jeans the color of the pink mints in reception candy bowls.    I really don’t get her shoes here. It’s like she’s the mutant creation from one of those children’s flip books where you can … Continue reading Terrifying: more SATC II pictures

Sex and the City II: trends aplenty

Hey all you SATC lovers, Carrie Bradshaw was spotted on set for the next movie, which we hope to be filled with as many martinis and Manolos as the first one was. Style iconoclast (styconoclast?) Sarah Jessica Parker was rocking some nude shoes, a tribal necklace, and tin foil crinkle-wrapped clutch with a fabulous and sunny white dress. She’s still got her signature Ray Bans, this time in a gold shade, and her wild c-c-curly hair looks as untamed as ever. With her daring fashion choices (thanks, Patricia Field) of the television series and an incredibly emaciated fabulous! body, only … Continue reading Sex and the City II: trends aplenty