Sex and the City II: trends aplenty

Hey all you SATC lovers, Carrie Bradshaw was spotted on set for the next movie, which we hope to be filled with as many martinis and Manolos as the first one was. Style iconoclast (styconoclast?) Sarah Jessica Parker was rocking some nude shoes, a tribal necklace, and tin foil crinkle-wrapped clutch with a fabulous and sunny white dress. She’s still got her signature Ray Bans, this time in a gold shade, and her wild c-c-curly hair looks as untamed as ever. With her daring fashion choices (thanks, Patricia Field) of the television series and an incredibly emaciated fabulous! body, only … Continue reading Sex and the City II: trends aplenty

Bipolar shoes

Things aren’t always black or white. For some shoes, like these Chanel ones (above), they’re both. With today being the first of September, Labor Day rolling around in less than a week, and fall kicking off in 20 or so days, we are quite definitely in a period of transition. We’ve all used the cross-seasonal cardigans, but it seems the new look for shoes is decidedly on the fence about what color to be, resulting in these bipolar shoes that are at the same time easier to match to outfits, and harder. These heels, which often feature something neutral, like … Continue reading Bipolar shoes

Going native: tribal clothing makes a comeback

The new look for this summer is part primordial, part modern, and all tribal chic. Perhaps designers have taken to more bold looks to combat the waning economy, as these looks are certainly not for the faint of heart. Everything from fringes to borderline-dangerous spikes and grommets on accessories have made an appearance on the runway. Check out John Galliano for Dior’s take on the tribal look in stilettos: measurable with a meter stick, these treacherous numbers feature heels made of carved fertility goddess figurines. No word yet on how effective they are. Continue reading Going native: tribal clothing makes a comeback