Late Night LaLa: Alessi grand opening

Last Thursday I had the honor of swinging by the new Alessi store in Georgetown’s Cady’s Alley. Alessi is a family owned and operated business founded in Italy in 1921. With an assortment of over 2,000 design objects for the home and kitchen, the new store has something to offer everyone. Alessi has collaborated with artists such as Michael Graves and David Chipperfield to create housewares that are aesthetically pleasing. Products available at the Alessi store include porcelain pot sets, children’s dishware, flower vases, and watches. My personal favorite item from Alessi is the parrot bottle opener. The line of … Continue reading Late Night LaLa: Alessi grand opening

This might be the most pointless invention ever

On the metro recovering from a Saturday late night dance party and want to pass out? Well if you also want to look like a ridiculous d-bag while sleeping, the geniuses over at SnazzyNapper may have just the thing for you. This new device called the “SnazzyNapper” makes it easier for people to nap in public while simultaneously making you look like an uber creep. Upon first glance I honestly thought this was a joke, or even a hip updated half-burka. False. Check out the official infomercial featuring people attempting to nap on the job, on a plane, etc wearing … Continue reading This might be the most pointless invention ever

Katie Price publishes book about fashion and style

Who wouldn’t take advice from Jordan/Katie/Sapphire/Unicorn Price? Apparently that’s what she was thinking when she announced the publishing of her new book, My Look, My Style, My Life, which is chock full o’ handy tips about how to look exactly like her, including selecting 28 outfits for a weekend vacation and the designer of her £17,000 bed linens. Mother to three publicity whores-in-the-making, Price launched her book next to her boyf, Alex Reid, horse trainer Andy Gould, brother Daniel Price and stylist Phil Turner. And, just because it’s Friday, here are a few more parting shots of this style guru: Continue reading Katie Price publishes book about fashion and style

Farmtastic Chanel goes eco

It’s Fashion Week in Paris, and the gold standard of fashion houses, Chanel, has finally jumped on the going green bandwagon. Automaton Karl Lagerfeld was programmed to say the following about the new line, “It’s Coco Ecolo, ecology can be chic. No? One can use natural fabrics and learn from nature.” The runway show was set in a mocked-up bucolic Normandy barn, with hay, ladders, and a wooden double C logo for the iconic brand. Lagerfeld used rustic materials like jute, linen, and the increasingly popular raffia, giving the normally stuffy Chanel lines som whimsy. He also played on Marie Antoinette’s legendary simple farm life … Continue reading Farmtastic Chanel goes eco

Party Pics from Tony Powell

For more pictures from the fabulous Coming Out Party for Little Black Blog, check out Washington photography legend Tony Powell’s online photo album. I met Tony while at a cocktail party last month for The Emancipation Network as part of the fundraising efforts for The Capital City Ball, for which I serve on the committee. His lively and colorful photographs really captured the energy at the Coming Out Party. Enjoy! Check out Tony’s complete portfolio here. Continue reading Party Pics from Tony Powell

Party Pics from Vithaya Photography

With Jon Mervis, Texan Linda Wong, and sister Yee-Ming Woodward Pu Special thanks to Vithaya from Vithaya Photography for covering the event! The Coming Out Party was written up on Vithaya’s blog, which I’ve added below. To see more pictures from this fabulous night, click here.–Out and About The date and time was set with 9/9/09 at 9pm in ushering the coming out party for Quin Woodward Pu’s This blog is touted to be a culturally relevant observation of people and events mixing history with a post-modern twist of current events news journalism. The venue for this coming out party … Continue reading Party Pics from Vithaya Photography

Serpentine jewelry snaking around wrists, waists, and wallets

Call it “fall of man” fashions, but the serpent has been making for some seriously lethal new looks for the upcoming season. Back in the times of Adam and Eve, everything was much simpler: all you had to do was pick out your favorite fig leaf and you’d have your outfit for the day. In post-Lapsarian 2009, we are shamelessly flashing this symbolically sinister snake around as a new way to flaunt our status and wealth. With our current economic crisis showing no letting up in the near future, the government has taken to the taxpayer wallet to float unnecessary … Continue reading Serpentine jewelry snaking around wrists, waists, and wallets

Peplums add femininity, formality to any ensemble

                      Earlier, I wrote about the dissolution of femininity in these financially trying times, when many women are returning to the workforce to supplement a dwindling household income. It seems the structured shoulder and warrioresque footwear, however, have met their match from certain designers not yet ready to see all that’s feminine and fair lose out to powerful and intimidation-causing clothing. In a trend that lost much popularity during the no curves, stick-thin craze of the last few decades, the peplum, which features twee little frills right around the hip and … Continue reading Peplums add femininity, formality to any ensemble