If you like chugging gasoline, you’ll love this!

Looking for a drink to help you unwind at the end of this busy work week? I have the perfect solution. Granted, it might burn the lining of your esophagus, but its all in the name of fun. Scottish brewing company, BrewDog, has created the world’s strongest beer clocking in at 110 proof per bottle (55% alcohol) and is appropriately titled, “The End of History.” The brewing company’s co-founder James Watt claims, “This is the beer to end all beers.” Perhaps the best part of this, is that each bottle comes in an actual stuffed animal. (Hmmm…) Did I mention … Continue reading If you like chugging gasoline, you’ll love this!

Peplums add femininity, formality to any ensemble

                      Earlier, I wrote about the dissolution of femininity in these financially trying times, when many women are returning to the workforce to supplement a dwindling household income. It seems the structured shoulder and warrioresque footwear, however, have met their match from certain designers not yet ready to see all that’s feminine and fair lose out to powerful and intimidation-causing clothing. In a trend that lost much popularity during the no curves, stick-thin craze of the last few decades, the peplum, which features twee little frills right around the hip and … Continue reading Peplums add femininity, formality to any ensemble

Going native: tribal clothing makes a comeback

The new look for this summer is part primordial, part modern, and all tribal chic. Perhaps designers have taken to more bold looks to combat the waning economy, as these looks are certainly not for the faint of heart. Everything from fringes to borderline-dangerous spikes and grommets on accessories have made an appearance on the runway. Check out John Galliano for Dior’s take on the tribal look in stilettos: measurable with a meter stick, these treacherous numbers feature heels made of carved fertility goddess figurines. No word yet on how effective they are. Continue reading Going native: tribal clothing makes a comeback

End of summer sale items worth your money

With the summer peak nearing and the month of August—home of school start days, final vacation hurrahs, and the last of the formidable humidity and heat—just around the corner, it’s hard to get excited about the impending cooler months filled with work, chilly days, and fewer excuses for day drinking. However, end of season sales, which will surely be hitting customers even earlier this year thanks to the poor economic climate, are at least one thing to look forward to as the days continue to get shorter. But as more and more people need to start pinching pennies, functionality and versatility are key criteria to keep in mind as we hit the racks. While final summer sales have plenty of great deals to offer, here are a few select items you should spend your money on at the clearance rack in retail stores: Continue reading End of summer sale items worth your money