This ain't your grandma's lace!

There’s such a stigma to wearing lace. We tend to think of old ladies, and maybe even mothballs and other unpleasant items like stuffy lace doilies or outdated, tea-stained tablecloths. However, lace is making a comeback, and it’s high time we try on this prim-and-proper-gone-sassy look for size. Continue reading This ain't your grandma's lace!

Toga, toga, toga!

With summer in full swing, we’re all looking for ways to wear lighter, airier clothing to stay cooler. Problem is, it’s tough to balance the need for less clothing and the aim for appropriate, fashionable styles. The perfect way to meet both these criteria? Take some advice from the Greeks, of course. Not only were they fantastic mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers, but also way ahead of their time fashion-wise. There’s nothing sexier than a little skin, and togas are the perfect combination of tastefulness and summertime style. Continue reading Toga, toga, toga!

Overexposed: zippers take the spotlight on even the most formal of dresses

Perhaps it’s the insouciance of being just a little “undone,” or maybe it’s the brazenness of revealing a traditionally concealed element that gives the exposed zipper its cache on today’s style stage. While wearing an unzipped garment used to be considered a fashion faux pas, the current look is to quite obviously show off your partially-zipped (or, partially un-zipped, depending on your psychology) dress, skirt, blouse, or even pant leg. Continue reading Overexposed: zippers take the spotlight on even the most formal of dresses

Pareos a nonpareil for beachwear

Enter the pareo, the Tahitian equivalent of the sarong (Southeast Asian) or beach wrap (good ole US of A), the most versatile way to incorporate some style into a seaside stroll. They can be worn as a skirt, dress, wrap, and plenty of shapes in between. Check out the handy guide outlining the many ways to wear this functional and fashionable item. Pareos are by nature exotic in their appeal, but getting one with a batiked design makes it look even more authentic. Batik is a technique of dyeing cloth, which results in an antiquey, cracked surface as a result of using wax and then wax resistant dyes for this fractured effect. While many domestically crafted pareos use a batik-inspired print, rather than using the actual, labor- and time-intensive method, the effect is still “native island girl” nonetheless.
Continue reading Pareos a nonpareil for beachwear

Break a sweat in workout gear fit for a celeb

It’s summertime, and that can only mean one thing for between-school adolescents and soccer moms alike: extended pool time and fewer square inches of body covered. This can be a harrowing realization upon thinking back to the turkey stuffing, eggnog, and Bûches de Noël from the holidays. However, if you’re like me and that sometimes isn’t enough motivation to get yourself in gear, check out the luxury workout wear being produced by athletic companies. While not altogether reasonable, what better way to get yourself moving than to be the best dressed in the gym? Continue reading Break a sweat in workout gear fit for a celeb

Summer styles in full bloom

As the fabulous Anna Wintour-inspired character Miranda Priestly sarcastically snorts in The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Yet althought the concept of flowers for Spring and Summer trends is nearly trite with symbols of rebirth, growth, renewal, blah blah blah, designers these days are finding a way to bring an unexpected twist to floral designs on the runaway, making them–dare I say it–groundbreaking. These certainly aren’t your grandmother’s florals. Continue reading Summer styles in full bloom