An excerpt from DIGFAST

Wondering where we’ve been? Well, Matt’s studying for an exam. Jen’s getting ready to move. Caroline’s planning a wedding. And I’m also publishing a second book. Huge shindig to be held May 31st. Get your tickets here: Oh, and check out the first chapter: “This call is to authorize that you charged an amount of $12,850 on your MasterCard within the last 24 hours,” reports the dulcet tones of an automated voice message system. I swear that robotic female sounds just a little too sultry to be a computer. “To confirm this amount, please press one. To contest this amount, please press … Continue reading An excerpt from DIGFAST

We're on Amazon and Kindle!

Exciting times. Type A+ is now available on Amazon and Kindle! Hard copies are $11.99, and, as an eco-incentive (actually because printing costs are lower), e-reader copies are $2.99. Check it out: Print: e-Books: Continue reading We're on Amazon and Kindle!